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Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work

Matthew Sanderson

 sanderson  Associate Professor of Sociology

  Ph.D., Sociology, University of Utah, 2008
  M.A., Sociology, Kansas State University, 2004
  B.S., Finance and Economics, Kansas State University, 2002


Research and Teaching Interests:  Globalization, Development, Migration, Environment

Dr. Sanderson is Associate Professor of Sociology at Kansas State University.  He specializes in global social change, focusing particularly on the issue of sustainable development. His research empirically examines population and environment as aspects of development in the context of globalization.  Most of his work is international in scope, and longitudinal and comparative in design.  On the population side, he is investigating international migration as both a cause and consequence of development dynamics in an increasingly inter-connected world. On the environment side, he is exploring social drivers of natural resource use.  This work concentrates especially on agricultural production and water consumption in the High Plains (Ogallala) Aquifer region of the United States.  He leads courses on international development and social change, environment and society, international migration, rural development, and principles of sociology. 

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