Presentation, Lectures, Conferences & Exhibitions:

Nina Glasgow and László J. Kulcsár (2014) "Conceptualizing the Antecedents and Consequences of Natural Decrease in Rural Areas" (presented at the Annual Meeting of the Rural Sociological Society, New Orleans, LA, July 31 - August 3, 2014)

László J. Kulcsár (2014) "Demography is Destiny: Rural and Frontier Demographic Trends in Kansas" (presented at the RuralAge Summit, Salina, KS, August 14, 2014)



Other (Awards, Service and Misc. Departmental Activity):

Lauren W. Ritterbush has made public “Kanza Language and Landscape-The Kansas River,” a virtual exploration of the Kansas River and its tributaries through the language and stories of the Kanza (Kaw) Indians.  This tour was produced in cooperation with the multi-disciplinary Language and Landscape working group and has gained recognition from the Kaw Nation and the Google Earth Outreach Trainers Network and staff including at the recent Indigenous Mapping Workshop at the University of Victoria.