Presentation, Lectures, Conferences & Exhibitions:

2015 Kurtz, Don L., “Cost of Caring: The Practical and Ethical Considerations of Stress, Burnout, and Compassion Fatigue for Professional Helpers.” Invited presented for the Department of Veteran Affairs, Topeka, Ks.

Sutherland, Albert, Terrie Becerra, and Gerad Middendorf.  2015.  “Extension Attitudes and Needs on Climate and Weather in Kansas and Oklahoma.”  Paper presented at the meetings of the National Association of Agricultural Extension Agents in Sioux Falls, South Dakota in July, 2015.

Baird, Chardie presented "Programs for Women working in Male-Dominated Fields" to PEO on July 14th. Leslie Gordon, an alumnae of K-State's Engineering program who now works at Caterpillar in Wamego invited me. PEO is an organization whose mission is to advance women in education. What PEO stands for is a secret.

Alfonso-Durruty MP, Morello F, Vilar M. Uncovering the peopling of Fuego Patagonia. Invited Talk. National Geographic Headquarters, Genographic Program. July 9th, Washington DC. 


2015 Kurtz, Don L., Egbert Zavala, and Lisa Melander, “The Influence of Early Strain on Later Strain, Stress Responses and Aggression by Police Officers” Criminal Justice Review, v40, 2.

Steinmetz, K. F. & Henderson, H. (2015). Hip-hop and procedural justice: Hip-hop artists’ perceptions of criminal justice. In F. T. Wilson (ed.) Crime and media studies: Diversity of method, medium and communications. San Diego, CA: Cognella. (Reprinted from Race & Justice, 2(3), pp. 155-178, 2013).


Other (Awards, Service and Misc. Departmental Activity):