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Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work

Adjuncts, affiliates, and visiting faculty


SASW recognizes and promotes intellectual exchange as a traditional strength of academic activities. We welcome adjunct and affiliate academics as well as visiting professors, and are looking forward to working with them in a mutually beneficial manner. We expect such collaboration to uphold the professional standards and conduct of our respective fields, and observe the policies and procedures of Kansas State University.

Adjunct appointments are regulated in the University Handbook, Section C25. These appointments require the approval of the Dean and the Provost. Adjunct appointments are used to contribute to the academic mission of the university and the department, such as teaching, advising and research.

Affiliate positions are approved by the Department Head after consultation with host program’s faculty. Affiliates are connected to the department through specific projects or academic arrangements. Affiliate positions are provided on the academic year basis and reviewed annually.

Visiting faculty positions are typically reserved for research collaborations, although visiting professors may teach classes too. These positions have a specific time frame determined upon their start. Visiting professor positions are approved by the Department Head after consultation with host program’s faculty.

Below are the steps for arranging such positions. Please note that given the unique nature of the department, collaborations must be linked to at least one of the three academic programs (sociology, anthropology, or social work).

  1. The first step is to identify one or more faculty hosts. The purpose of this is to link the visitor to specific SASW faculty to facilitate the collaboration from the very beginning. Only faculty in regular appointments can serve as hosts. Potential collaborators are encouraged to look at faculty profiles and initiate contact with SASW faculty.
  2. The identified host presents the case to the program faculty. At a minimum, candidates must supply a CV and a letter of intent, clearly outlining their scholarly plan and potential deliverables. Programs discuss and evaluate the proposed affiliation or visiting plan. Upon support from the program, the Program Coordinator presents the case to the Department Head.
  3. The Program Coordinator and the Department Head discusses the specific details of the collaboration, including any departmental support the visitor may receive. It is the program’s responsibility to identify how the collaboration benefits the department and the university. The candidate may be contacted to provide further details.
  4. For affiliate and visiting faculty positions, the Head’s approval is provided in a letter to the candidate discussing the necessary details. For adjunct positions, the Head makes a recommendation to the Dean, after which general procedures, outlined in the University Handbook, apply.

In most cases, the department does not provide monetary compensation for these positions. Candidates are strongly encouraged to secure funding from other sources before contacting the department.