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Environmental Health and Safety


Christina AguileraDirector, 785-532-4297
Lynette BaylessHazardous Waste Technician, 785-532-3156
Ray Boller Radiation Waste, 785-313-3953
Ronald BridgesRadiation Safety Officer, Campus Sanitarian, 785-532-4299
Maria CatanachAssistant Radiation Safety Officer, 785-532-5847
Shane GarrettSafety & Health Officer - asbestos, lead, indoor air quality, 785-532-1327
Lorie GlaserSenior Administrative Assistant, 785-532-4384
Kelly Greene
Environmental Manager - hazardous waste, storage tanks, air permits, 785-532-5396
Lisa Linck
Occupational Safety Manager, 785-532-3846
John MarkhamAssistant Campus Sanitarian
Jeffrey ScottIndustrial Hygienist/Lab Safety Technician, 785-532-2409
James SeymourFire Equipment Inspector, 785-532-1187
Randy SloverUniversity Fire Marshal, 785-532-3473
Adam UkenaTraining Support Specialist, 785-532-1719
Andrew WassenbergFire Equipment Inspector, 785-532-0827
Amy WernerFire Equipment Testing & Data Systems, 785-532-6159