Weekly Meetings

Every Monday and Wednesday of the semester we meet down in MNE student shop at 7pm. The student shop is in Rathbone 054.  This is in the basement of Rathbone Hall.  For people new to the engineering complex our shop is sometimes hard to find.  The easiest way is to take the elevator in Rathbone to the basement and go to the south of the building and find the room number 054.  Our meeting schedule and other events are also posted on our calendar below.

David Prieb's Graduation

The team is happy for David Prieb, our president, for graduating from Kansas State University.  We are disappointed that he will be leaving at the end of the semester. He brought a lot of experience and designs to the team that were invaluable for the team.  One of his greatest was the cast bus arms.  Without him they would not have been even close to a possibility.  His expertise and leadership will be missed.  All of us still here hope we can stay in contact and maybe get a couple more designs from him.  Dave, good luck and may God be with you.

Easton Lions Club -- Donation

We would like to thank Easton Lions club for the donation. Another team member is now able to go to competition.  Thank you for the support.

MTS Custom Coating, Inc. -- New Sponsor!!

We would like to thank Michael Simons and his company MTS Custom Coating, Inc. for jumping on board and becoming our newest sponsor.  MTS is a local business here in Manhattan that specializes in powder coating. Check out their website below.

Briggs Jeep Jamboree October 23rd-24th

KSU Baja was invited to Briggs Auto Annual Jeep Jamboree.  Baja participated both days of the event.  The first day we displayed our car at the Briggs dealership with all the other great jeeps.  We even drove our car around the parking lot.  The Manhattan country radio station B104.7 Hot Country even got us a plug concerning our team at the event.  The second day the team drove the car at Randolph ORV park.  We went on the trails there with all the other jeeps.  Everyone on the team had a great time. Next year we hope to be invited back.

Words from the Treasurer:

“I just want to send out a thanks to Briggs Auto for hosting the Baja team at the Jamboree. We all had a great time!”

100th Anniversary BSA Celebration October 9th

We were glad when Assistant Dean Tom Roberts invited our team to the 100th Anniversary Boy Scouts of American Celebration in Salina, Kansas.  Some of our team members were scouts so we wanted to give back to the organization as well start off the year with a great event.  Once we arrived at the event we realized they had given a rather large plot for our display. We decided to set up a small course to drive the car on.  Everyone on the team had a chance to drive the car.  The boy scouts really enjoyed seeing the car and talking with us, even some the parents were surprised of what the car could do.

Article in Applied Process News

I was informed that KSU Mini Baja is featured in Applied Process News.  Applied Process is a heat treat engineering company that specializes in Austempering, an isothermal  heat treatment.  Applied Proccess heat treated our cast bus arms last season.  Check out the article on their page, scroll down to October 11 to see it in its entirety.