Cope Plastics Inc.- New Sponsor

Cope Plastics gave us a extremely generous discount on their products.  Baja will be getting their products from the plant in Topeka, KS.  We are getting a variety of their plastic sheet products to use on our vehicle.  The team here  at KSU would like to thank  Lyle Havercamp at Cope Plastics.

Alumni Donation!

Patrick Denning recently sent KSU Baja a generous donation. Patrick graduated from Kansas State in Fall 2008.  He was an active Baja member here at K-State.  We would like to thank him for the donation.

102 Days Till Birmingham!!

Its the beginning of the New Year hope everyone had fun.  Now we have to get to work.  Its starting out well; we have a brand new website, new sponsors and already have some testing done.  The cost and design reports will sneak up on us so we better start thinking what we want to include and nail ideas down. Like the title says, we have 102 days till Baja SAE East. Make everyday count, they will go by fast.