Welcome to Our Website!

Kansas State Mini Baja Team is a student run organization and team that is made up of students from Kansas State University. One can join the team if he or she is an active student at KSU.  Our main goal is to build an off road recreational vehicle with the guidelines of the SAE rules.  With all of our members being students we use our time outside of class to design, build, and test our prototype.  Each year we travel around the country to SAE sanctioned competitions where we race our pride and joy against other universities and colleges.  Take a look around our site and see what you think.  Thank you.

Baja SAE Alabama on April 14th-17th

Kansas State University will be competing in the eastern competition this year in Birmingham, Alabama on April 14th-17th. This competition contains the water event. Sections of the track have water up to 6 feet deep! We must design floats and water propulsion in order to clear these obstacles. We were happy to hear that Stony Lonesome OHV park was the site for the races to take place. They are even making a custom track just for SAE Baja!  This year's team is eager to compete in their first water competition!

Baja SAE Kansas on May 26th-29th

Kansas State University will be competing in the Midwest competition this year on May 26th-29th. This competition contains all the normal events.  The event is being hosted by our fellow Kansas  friends at Pittsburg State University.  It has been quite awhile since Kansas has hosted a competition.  We are glad to not have to travel very far this year for our second competition.  If you are in the area come by and see us!

Weekly Meetings

Every Monday and Wednesday of the semester we meet down in MNE student shop at 7pm. The student shop is in Rathbone 054.  This is in the basement of Rathbone Hall.  For people new to the engineering complex our shop is sometimes hard to find.  The easiest way is to take the elevator in Rathbone to the basement and go to the south of the building and find the room number 054.  Our meeting schedule and other events are also posted on our calendar below.