Kansas State Univerity | Society of Automotive Engineers
Kansas State Univerity | Society of Automotive Engineers
Kansas State Univerity | Society of Automotive Engineers

The Kansas State University Chapter of the Society of Automotive Engineers is dedicated to the education of students interested in the automotive or aerospace industry. By applying the knowledge you've gained from the classroom, in a real world setting, involvement in SAE enhances your engineering credentials. Each year SAE International sponsors several design competitions so students may apply concepts learned in the classroom. The chapter sponsors several activities such as speakers and educational trips to help broaden students' knowledge and interest.

The KSU SAE Chapter is mainly comprised of Mechanical Engineering students but is open to students from any major. We encourage participation from all students, from all majors.

We are currently involved in three different aspects of SAE: SAE Aero Design, Formula SAE, and SAE Mini Baja. Participation in any or all of the teams is encouraged but not mandatory.

So wait... what can we do for you? Besides building leadership experience and effective team communication, becoming a member of SAE is profitable. As a member you are entitled to many benefits under SAE International. You will receive your choice of SAE Aerospace Engineering or SAE Automotive Engineering International journal every month. For more information on the benefits, click here.

  • John Opshal - SAE President
  • Brett Holthaus - SAE Vice President
  • Bob Reagan - SAE Secretary/Treasurer
  • Eric Cunningham - SAE SGA Rep/Public Relations
  • Brandon Yost - SAE Webmaster
  • Joe Losito - SAE Student Council Liason
  • Chris James - Aero Design Team Leader
  • Justin Zielke - Baja Design Team Leader
  • Eric Cunningham - Formula Team Leader
  • Dr. Pacey - SAE Faculty Advisor


We take an unbelievably light plane and carry an unbelievably hefty payload with it. Then we redesign it so it's even lighter. If you're looking for aerospace at KSU, this is where it's at.

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What do you get when you cross a go-cart with a sportbike, throw some engineering students at it, and make it look like a mini-F1 car? A Formula SAE competition car! Sound fun?

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Mini Baja

Who needs finesse when you've got brute strength? Our goal: have fun and most likely break some stuff doing it. If that's your idea of fun too, check us out. You'll be glad you did.

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