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"Where Am I?"

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Margheim, Wally

(last updated on March 19, 2004)
• Class of 1997; rowed from 1993-1997.
• Major: Civil Engineering.
• Currently Residing in: South Bend, Indiana.
• Project Engineer for Greeley and Hansen
• Position: Port Rower for Varsity Men.
• Awards: Men's Captain (2).

"After graduation, I went to graduate school at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. During this time, I rowed a single and a pair with Alex Binkowski at Oak Ridge. I am currently a professional engineer in the water and wastewater field. Kelly and I are parents of a wonderful red-headed son with our second child on the way. Does anyone have a double or quad for sale?"

McIrvin (Hanson), Carolyn
(last updated on April 30, 2003)
• Rowed from 1977-1979.
• Currently Residing in: Salina, Kansas.
• R.N. for Salina Regional Health Center.
• Position: Port Rower for Varsity Women.

Poggemeyer Jr., L. E. (Pete)

(last updated on November 29, 2003)
• Class of 1971; rowed from 1966-1967.
• Major: Architecture.
• Currently Residing in: Ogden, Utah.
• Spec. Writer/Project Manager for EDA, Inc.
• Position: Starboard Rower for Varsity Men.

Petersen, Michael

(last updated on April 30, 2003)
• Class of 2003; rowed from 2001-2002.
• Major: Fisheries Biology (BS); Wildlife Biology (BS).
• Currently Residing in: Manhattan, Kansas.
• Fisheries Technician for Kansas State University.
• Position: Starboard Rower for Varsity Men and Novice Men.
• Commodore 2001-2002.
• Awards: Outstanding Novice Man, 2001-2002.

"Right now I am finishing up my second B.S. here at KSU. I will graduate in December of 2003, and will be going on to Graduate school. I hope to finish my Masters and PhD. in Fisheries Biology/Ecology."

Porter, Melissa

(last updated on February 15, 2004)
• Class of 1986; rowed from 1984-1986.
• Major: Graphic Design (BFA).
• Currently Residing in: Portland, Oregon.
• Graphic Designer for Premier Press.
• Position: Starboard Rower for Varsity Women.
• • Strange Talent: "I have the ability to dismiss the limits of physical reality... oh yeah, and I can wiggle my ears."
"I am a Graphic Designer in Portland, Oregon. Love the Pacific Northwest! You can drive one hour West and be at the Coast. You can drive one hour East and be at the ski resort on Mt. Hood. I spend a lot of my spare time gardening, scuba diving, going to movies/plays, and making glass and found-object sculpture. Still crazy after all these years.."

Poulin-Tissot, Michelle

(last updated on August 8, 2003)
• Class of 1992; rowed from 1985-1990.
• Major: Public Relations; Marketing.
• Currently Residing in: Prescott Valley, Arizona.
• Realtor.
• Position: Starboard Rower for Novice Women, Junior Girls and Community Program.
• Public Relations
"Greetings! I am presently a Realtor in Northern AZ and loving it. Mountains and sunshine beat the heck out of cold & blowing KS. Was with Rio Salado Rowing Club in Phoenix for a year, but now volunteering with a local youth rowing club program "trying" to get on the water. Their biggest challenge is transporting the wooden Pocock-beast donated to them (I even showed them pics of how we used to transport on coach's truck!). My KSRA claim to fame is being a part of the first ever High school team and adding a few gray hairs to Coach Rose, too. I seemed to have a challenge "keeping my head in the boat!" Good to see this site up and running!"




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