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"Where Am I?"

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Seiji IkedaIkeda, Seiji
• Class of 2000; rowed from 1991-2000
• Rower-starboard, Sculler, Coxswain, Coach, President, Vice-President, Junior Rep., 'Most Inspirational Wildcat', Co-Founder of 'Row for Humanity', KSRA Webmaster
• Junior High School English Teacher
• Miki City, Hyogo Prefecture, JAPAN
"I am currently living in Japan and having the time of my life! You should check out my experiences here at my personal site www.seijidoesjapan.com!"

Johnson, Jonell Borst

(last updated on June 21, 2004)
• Class of 1987; rowed from 1985-89.
• Currently Residing in: Elizabethton, Tennessee.
• Company: Teacher/Swim Coach for Elizabethton City Schools.
• Position: Port Rower for Novice Women, Junior Girls and Community Program.
• Strange Talent: "Eating a half gallon of whipped cream in less than 10 min. just before practice and not throwing up on the coxwain."

"Hey, Guys! I was one of the original members of the crew team at Manhattan High School and I rowed for a year and a half at K-State. I was the stroke for my team, usually. I haven't been rowing, but I've been to Oakridge, TN to cheer on the Wilcats (Go, Lori!) I've gotten back into doing triathlons, though. I've been teaching 6th and 8th grade science for 7 years and have been coaching swimming for about as long on the age-level, junior high and high school levels. My daughter, Ruth Ann, (her father also rowed at K-State)is thriving. At 5'8" and growing, she's an awesome swimmer and is considering rowing in college."

Kauffman, Byron

(last updated on July 2, 2004)
• Class of 1980; rowed from 1975-1976.
• Major: Computer Engineering Technology.

• Currently Residing in: Fort Worth, Texas.
• Company: Principal Engineer at L3 Communications - Link Simulation & Training.
• Position: Port Rower for Novice Men.

"I in crew my whole freshman year, and started my sophomore year when I realized how much time it was taking - I needed to work and get my grades up. Loved it while I was there. Best shape I was ever in - sure wish I was there now! Made some pretty close friends. Sometimes wonder what they're doing. Anybody know whatever happened to Mike Borne? I have a 'rowing' dream every now and then - all of the old gang's still there, and I'm wishing I was back."

Koch, Alan
• Class of 1971; rowed from 1967-1971.
• Major: Grain Science/Business Management (BS); Business Administration (MS).
• Currently Residing in: Manhattan, Kansas.
• Position: Port Rower for Masters, Varsity Men, and Novice Men; Parent/Friend; Coach.
• Head Coach 1994-2001, Assistant Coach 1993-1994 and 1971-1973.
• Don Rose Award 2000, 1972; Men's Captain 1971.
"I currently serve as Advisory Board Chairman, drive truck towing shell trailer to most regattas, and am a USRowing Referee. I have coached at K-State twice, Hillsborrough Rowing club in Tampa, FL and Creighton in Omaha. We are reorganizing KSRA to meet K-State Appropriation guidelines but will keep the name Kansas State Rowing Association. I will be coaching a recreational/learn-to-row program this summer at the River Pond on M,T,&TH evenings from June 16 - August 7."

Kueser, Dr. Brian
(last updated: March 19, 2004)
• Class of 1997; rowed from 1995-1997.
• Major: Biology.
• Currently Residing in Sioux City, Iowa.
• Position: Starboard Rower for Varsity & Novice Men.
• President - 1996; Vice-President 1995.

Lammers FamilyLammers, Whitney
(last updated: November 5, 2003)
• Class of 1999; coxed from 1998-1999.
• Major: BS Public Relations and Advertising, Minor in Theatre.
• Currently Residing in Topeka, Kansas.
• Company: Public Relations/Marketing Coordinator for TARC Inc.
• Position: Coxswain for Varsity Men.
• Strange Talent: "Challenging rowers NOT to row into bridges and large pieces of driftwood."
"I'm currently working as the new Public Relations/Marketing Coordinator for TARC Inc. in Topeka. Married KSU and Rowing alum Matthew Lammers in 1999, now a mother of two girls: Aidan and Erin."

Lehman, Charles
(last updated: July 12, 2004)
• Class of 1973; rowed from 1969-1973.
• Currently Residing in Charlotte, North Carolina.
• Position: Starboard Rower for Varsity Men.

Long, Will
(last updated: March 19, 2004)
• Class of 1999; rowed from 1996-1998.
• Major: BAE.
• Currently Residing in Kansas City, Missouri.
• Company: Environmental Engineer for Burns & McDonnell Engineering.
• Position: Starboard Rower and Coxswain for Varsity Men and Novice Men.
"I am currently working as an engineer in Kansas City. We have an erg in our workout room here, I tried it once a few years ago, and then remembered that those aren't that much fun."




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