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"Where Am I?"

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Filby, Matt

(last updated on April 10, 2003)
• Class of 1989; rowed from 1985-1989.
• Major: BFA - Art.
• Currently Residing in: Denver, Colorado.
• Digital Media Design Manager for Monigle Associates.
• Position: Port Rower for Varsity Men.
• Awards: Men's Captain 1989.
"Still rowing and competing with Rocky Mountain Rowing Club in Denver."

Friesen, Myron

(last updated on November 29, 2003)
• Class of 1993; rowed from 1989-1993.
• Major: Mechanical Engineering Technology
• Currently Residing in: Windsor, Colorado.
• Position: Port Rower for Varsity Men & Novice Men.
• President 1992-93, Treasurer 1991-92.

"Glad to be back in Colorado after 5 rainy years in Seattle. I'm currently working on starting my own business."

Gillock (Clark), Hilary

(last updated on February 15, 2004)
• Class of 1994; rowed from 1986-1991.
• Major: Wildlife Biology.
• Currently Residing in: Hays, Kansas.
• Position: Port Rower for Varsity Women, Novice Women, and Junior Girls.

"After 3 years in rainy NC, I am now back in sunny, windy KS and it's actually not too bad! There's no crew out here (there's hardly any water), but I have enough wonderful crew memories to last a lifetime. High school crew was so much more fun than college, why was that? Must've been all those college guys :) Hey girls, when are we having a renuion? And why aren't more of you listed on this site??"

Granberry, Jon

(last updated on April 14, 2003)
• Class of 2001; rowed from 1997-2001.
• Major: Elementary Education; Minor: Music
• Currently Residing in: Fort Riley, Kansas.
• 6th. Grade SPED Teacher for USD #475.
• Position: Port Rower for Varsity Men and Novice Men.
• Assistant Coach for Junior Girls - Current, Head Coach - Current, Junior Girls Rep. - Current, Advisory Board Rep.
• Awards: Outstanding Junior Girl 1998, Buffett King of the Year 1997-Present.
• Strange Talent: I compete (and win) numerous hot dog eating competitions. It is my new love!!!

"Currently in my first year of teaching at Fort Riley Middle school. In my spare time I coach the novice mens team."

Harris, Liz

(last updated on April 30, 2003)
• Class of 2002; rowed from 1999-2001.
• Major: "When I rowed Iwas in high school but my current major is Family Ministry with a minor in Youth Ministry."
• Currently Residing in: Manhattan, Kansas.
• Position: Rower for Junior Girls.

"I am currentlly attending Manhattan Christian College So i am still around!! My favorite memory from rowing is my freshmam year we went to waco and we talked about Lion Style the entire time! But the best part of the trip is all the guys singing every thing from i got friends in low places to ice ice baby on the bus!"

Hebel, Grant

(last updated on August 8, 2003)
• Class of 1995; rowed from 1988-1992.
• Major: Veterinary Medicine.
• Currently Residing in: Bellevue, Nebraska.
• Position: Starboard Rower for Varsity Men.
• Treasurer 1990.
• Strange Talent: "I can juggle 5 balls."

"I am now serving in Operation Enduring Freedom and was a part of Operation Iraqi Freedom. I hope to be back home in a few months."

Henry, Jerry

(last updated on November 5, 2003)
• Class of 1968; rowed from 1963-64.
• Currently Residing in: Bellevue, Washington.
• Company: Sr. Vice President for Puget Sound Energy.
• Position: Starboard Rower for Varsity Men.

Hornbostel, Chris

(last updated on February 15, 2004)
• Class of 2002; rowed from 1997-2002.
• Major: Biology/Psychology (BS); Nursing (BSN).
• Currently Residing in: Wichita, Kansas.
• Job Title: Nursing Student at St. Francis Hospital.
• Position: Port/Starboard Rower for Varsity Men and Novice Men.
• Advisory Board Rep. 2001, Novice Men's Rep. 1997, Men's Captain 2001, Outstanding Novice Man 1997.
• Strange Talent: "I can not match any clothing color ever."

"I was married on September 7th 2002. I am in nursing school at Newman University in Wichita, KS. I'll be back rowing with a club as soon as school is over...."

Hoskinson, Ryan

(last updated on April 11, 2003)
• Class of 2002; rowed from 1997-2003.
• Major: Education/Math.
• Currently Residing in: Manhattan, Kansas.
• Teacher for USD #383..
• Position: Varsity Men, Novice Men.
• Assistant Coach 2002-2003 and Coaching Assistant 2001 for Junior Girls.



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