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Racing Season is Underway...
Tuesday, April 13, 2010 • by strokeseat (10:44 AM) •  
After a somewhat lengthy delay in posts I thought it was about time to let everyone know how the KSU (Wo)Men's Club Crew was progressing. This last weekend marked the Sunflower State Championships between KSU, KU, and WSU on Saturday and the Upper Midwest Collegiate Sprints in Omaha on Sunday.

The Sunflower State Championships was held at Tuttle Creek with races beginning at 12:30pm. Unfortunately due to some technical difficulties compiled with a shift in wind from the protected south to the unsafe west, races had to be cancelled after running only the NW4+ race. The KSU women's novice 4 had something of a rough race finishing behind both KU and WSU. Rest assured they would not let this happen again.

Race conditions were favorable in Omaha for the first time in a decade with temperatures in the 60's and wind only a mild inconvenience. Both the men's novice 4+'s won their respective races, with an average margin of victory greater than 10 seconds. The women's novice 4+ came in 3rd in their race, beating KU, the boat that had bested them the day prior, by 19 seconds. A 24 second turn-around from Saturday to Sunday was incredible to witness. The Men's Varsity 4+'s showed well in their respective races, while the Varsity 8+ advanced to the Grand Finals and placed 5th overall. The Men's team came in 3rd overall for the points trophy.

We have 3 weeks until we compete again in Topeka, KS at the Great Plains Championships. After that there will be another 3 week break until ACRA National Championships in Oklahoma City.

If anyone is interested in attending these regattas please contact me at cdoan@ksu.edu and I can pass along any information that you might need.

As always...GO CATS!


Row for Humanity
Friday, February 05, 2010 • by strokeseat (3:20 PM) •  
Tomorrow, February 6th at the courtyard next to the fountain in Manhattan Town Center, the Kansas State Rowing Association will be holding their annual Row for Humanity fundraiser. The fundraiser asks for donations made out to individual rowers and and the club as a whole with part of the contributions going to Habitat for Humanity. This is a chance for our localized rowing community to further our social outreach and hopefully open the eyes of the Manhattan Community to what our sport offers. The participants in this fundraiser will be rowing on indoor rowers or "ergs" for 60 minutes at our booth set up next to the fountain. Rowers start at 10am, and will continue on throughout the day into the afternoon. Come cheer on the Kansas State Crews and see what our program is all about.

Go Cats!


Re-worked schedule
Sunday, November 22, 2009 • by strokeseat (10:15 AM) •  
Due to time constraints we will be altering the schedules for workouts.
Mon- Transport (30-40min intervals/alternating spm)
Tues- UT1/2 (60-90 min Steady State @70-85% max W)
Wed- Transport
Thurs- AT (w. Varsity) and Film viewing

I have a basic weightlifting routine worked out for the majority of our team, however, I know little of your backgrounds regarding this type of workout. I will be overseeing the first few sessions to make sure that all exercises are being done correctly and at appropriate weights. Preliminary scheduling for these workout days will be Tuesday/Friday/Sunday and will occur after practice with Saturday being a recovery day. Since this is an extra time requirement on top of an already busy schedule and I do not want to put anyone out more than they already are, these workouts are completely OPTIONAL. I will not require anyone to go to them, but will provide the opportunity if anyone feels as though they have the time and energy and can benefit from them. I will have printouts for you before you leave for Thanksgiving break and you can figure out what you'd like to do from there.

Get ready for some hard work and really fast erg times, and remember, you're success is determined by your preparation for race day.



Wichita Frostbite Regatta
Wednesday, November 04, 2009 • by strokeseat (8:42 AM) •  
The Kansas State Crews came away from Wichita having had a very successful Sunday. The women's open novice 4+ came in 7th out of 14 with a new lineup and some switching of sides. The women beat teams from Oklahoma City University, Nebraska, Colorado State and others.
The Varsity women also helped start the day off by racing in the open women's 4, competing against distinguished crews from Washington, OCU, Colorado, and WSU.
The Men's Varsity 4's were the next to race, going against some of the best crews in the Midwest.
The Men's first open Novice 8 has had a great deal of success this year, and managed a 5th place finish at the Frostbite regatta. Despite the timing/placing, which was disputed after results were posted, the men looked fantastic coming down the course and we can't wait to get them into winter training.
After not medaling in an 8+ race for the first time this season, the Novice Men went out to prove a point. Mission accomplished. The Novice "A" 4+ came in 1st by 35 seconds over the 2nd place crew, and the "B" 4+ came in 6th of 15 boats. These two boats were 1 of 2 crews to have both their A and B listings to finish below the 10 minute mark (convincinly I might add) and the B boat beat the majority of teams A listings.
The Men's Varsity 8 made strides in their race, placing 7th right behind rival Wichita State. OCU tied a course record and took first in an incredibly fast flight of boats.
Rowing mixed 8's for the first time this year (without any practice), the Kansas State Crews had a fair showing, taking 11th, 12th, and 13th of 28 boats.

We now turn our attention to winter training and will spend the majority of the coming months on erg's. As much as everyone hates them, they are a vital part of our training, and nothing can replace their importance. Due to this however, we have run across a small problem. We have 15-17 serviceable ergs and 35-40 rowers. This obviously puts quite a strain on how we can coordinate practices. We are currently starting to stagger winter practices; Novice remain at the 5:00pm time slot, while the Varsity have moved to a 7:00pm start time. We hope this can alleviate the number issue until an alternate solution can be managed.


Thursday, October 22, 2009 • by strokeseat (3:24 PM) •  
Novice- Winter training is almost upon us and in preparation of this fantastic time of the year I would like to introduce you to the system we will base our workouts around.

Monday- Utilization (UT1/2)
Tuesday- Transport/Strength (TR/ST)
Wednesday- Utilization (UT1/2)
Thursday- Anaerobic Threshold (AT)
Friday- Transport/Strength (TR/ST)

This may seem to be gibberish to many of you, and that's perfectly fine. Each day will essentially work on a different system of energy, thus maximizing your efficiency throughout the entirety of a 2000m race which utilizes both anaerobic and aerobic energy systems as well as the initial creatine/ATP useage. Sorry, I'm a biochemist...it can't be helped.

We will conduct testing immediately following the Frostbite Regatta November 1st, and we'll retest after winter break. You can expect a workout plan for the time while you're away, but it's obviously up to you as to how much you follow it. (I suggest following it word for word) This will be handed out to you prior to you leaving for home.
These tests will be used to determine your workload throughout winter training in hopes of maximizing potential while also being a measuring stick for your progress.

The above schedule will be put into place immediately, which means that today's practice will be an AT workout. We will be doing 6 x 1000m @34-36spm.


I'd say this article sums up a lot about the mentality of rowers here in Manhattan, as well as across the nation. No one expects our sport to boom in popularity, but respect might be a welcomed alternative. Check out this article from the Virginia Women's NCAA team. I think it highlights some great points as to the people that gravitate to our sport.




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Oct 10
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Nov 1
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