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    The following photos of roundabouts were taken from Kansas and some other sorrounding states. To view them.....

    Please select a location here:

    Sorted by State and then by Location
    Avon, Colorado
    Eagle, Colorado
    Golden, Colorado
    Grand Junction, Colorado
    Vail, Colorado
    Clearwater, Florida
    Naples, Florida
    Allen County, Indiana
    Bloomington, Indiana
    Carmel, Indiana
    Hutchinson, Kansas
    Lawrence, Kansas
    Lenexa, Kansas
    Manhattan, Kansas (Candlewood & Geary)
    Manhattan, Kansas (Grand Mere)
    Newton, Kansas
    Paola, Kansas (Before)
    Paola, Kansas (After)
    Topeka, Kansas (29th and Urish)
    Topeka, Kansas (Rice Road)
    Baltimore, Maryland
    Brunswick, Maryland
    Clearfoss, Maryland
    Hollywoods, Maryland
    Harford County, Maryland
    Lisbon, Maryland
    Lothian, Maryland
    Route 17, Maryland
    Tanneytown, Maryland
    Towson, Maryland
    Okemos, Michigan
    Columbia, Missouri
    Kingston, New York
    Clemmons, North Carolina
    Lewisville, North Carolina
    Winston-Salem, North Carolina
    Hilton Head Island, South Carolina
    Draper, Utah
    Park City, Utah
    Riverdale, Utah
    St. George, Utah
    Montpelier, Vermont
    Monroe, Washington
    Port Orchard, Washington


    These are NOT roundabouts

    Please select photos here:

    Hyderabad, India
    L'Arc De Triomphe in Paris, France
    Paris Traffic Circle
    Manhattan, Kansas
    Concorde, New Hampshire
    Portsmouth, New Hampshire


    Thanks to Bernard Guichet for a fabulous, day-long tour of roundabouts in the Nantes, France district while I (Dr. Eugene Russell) was in France for the the International Road Federation World road congress. Bernard was a really great host. He is one of the top experts in France, and the world, on modern roundabouts. If there are any mistakes in the comments I associated with any of the French pictures, they are mine alone. If anyone has any specific questions I am sure Bernard would answer them by email:

    Bernard Guichet,

    The following photos are of roundabouts and traffic circles in France. To view them.....

    Please select a photo here:

    L'Arc De Triomphe in Paris, France
    Double-Mini Roundabouts in Nantes, France
    Nantes, France
    Roundabouts in Downtown Nantes, France
    Neighborhood Roundabouts in the Nantes, France District
    Mini Roundabout in the Nantes, France District
    More from Nantes, France
    Paris Traffic Circle
    Photos Supplied by Bernard Guichet
    Two Successful Roundabouts with Trains
    Unsuccessful Roundabout with Train


    The following photos show poor roundabout design. The comments in this section strictly reflect the personal views of Dr Gene Russell. Other professionals may disagree. Anyone wishing to comment (on this section, or anything in any other section) may do so by email (contacts). Please include a statement that your comments are for the web site. To view the pictures.....

    Please select photos here:

    Poor Design Photos
    Poor Entry Curvature Design
    Deficient Deflection on Approach


    These photos are miscellaneous photos of items relating to roundabouts along with roundabouts from other countries.

    Please select photos here:

    Cowes, Australia
    Dandenong Region, Australia
    Healsville, Australia
    Swindon, England
    Budapest, Hungary
    Football Traffic in Manhattan, Kansas
    House Moving Through K-68 Roundabout in Paola, Kansas
    The Island of Dominica
    Galicia, Spain
    Roundabouts and Blind Pedestrians
    KSU Roundabout Camera and Equipment


    Please select photos here:

    Santa Clara County, CA (Square-Loop Interchange)


    These pictures are of traffic calming devices, also known as speed control devices. These are NOT roundabouts.

    Please select photos here:

    Lawrence, Kansas

    Here are some more interesting roundabout and traffic circle photos at the Portland, Oregon Traffic Calming website :

    Roundabouts Traffic Circles

    Three English High-Capacity Modern Roundabouts sent by Barry Crown (ppt) (see comments here)

    Feel free to use any material from this site provided you cite this website as the source.

    To view the directory containing our entire collection of photos, click here.

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    | Home | Research | Photos | Videos | News | Presentations | Learnmore | Contacts |

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    Kansas State University
    September 9, 2009