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    Traffic Calming Homepage - Portland, Oregon
    City of Portland Transportation - Traffic Calming: How it works, Traffic Calming Devices, Project Evaluations, Traffic Calming & the Law, Current & Future Projects, New Traffic Calming Research, Studies & Reports, Photo Albums, etc.

    PUBLIC ROADS (Autumn 1995) - ROUNDABOUTS (page 1)
    All images of British and Australian roundabouts have been deliberately reversed to show right-side driving so that most Public Roads readers can better comprehend the traffic pattern within the roundabout. Roundabout...

    Modern Roundabouts
    Cover. A two-lane/one lane roundabout in Hilton Head South Carolina. Constructed in 1996 as a gateway into the Hilton Head Plantation as an alternative to traffic signal control

    Modern Roundabouts - the Web Site
    This Web site serves as one of the definitive sources on Modern Roundabouts and is a complement to a Federal Highway Administration research project aimed at developing a comprehensive guide to roundabouts design

    Modern Roundabouts - Resources
    This table cross-references the applicable sections from currently available design references with the chapters and sections from the proposed FHWA Roundabout Design Guide

    aaSIDRA is suitable for single-lane and multi-lane roundabouts with up to eight legs, including one-way approach or exit conditions, slip lanes, continuous lanes, and short lanes

    Southern Intersection of BA and Route 109 Before Modification

    RoundaboutsUSA - Park City, UT Roundabouts
    There are currently three roundabouts planned and/or under construction in Park City, UT. One of the roundabouts is located at the intersection of Deer Valley Drive and Marsac Avenue near Old Town. The other two roundabouts are at the front and rear entry of the Factory Stores outlet mall at Park City. Click the thumbnail for a bigger picture

    RoundaboutsUSA - Provo, UT Roundabouts
    Provo, Utah has a number of existing roundabouts with several more planned for the near future. Click the thumbnail for a bigger picture

    RoundaboutsUSA - Riverdale, Utah Roundabouts
    Two 180' ICD Roundabouts.In summer of 2001-Riverwood Drive (700 West

    Roundabouts USA - Orem, UT Roundabouts
    Orem, Utah has a number of existing roundabouts with several more planned for the near future. Click the thumbnail for a bigger picture

    Roundabouts USA - St. George, UT Roundabouts
    St. George has a new five-leg roundabout by the old post office on Main Street. Look for new St. George roundabouts in the near future. Click the thumbnail for a bigger picture

    Roundabouts USA - Tooele Roundabouts
    Tooele, Utah, Roundabouts Roundabout near Jack's In Overlake, 2000 North Roundabout near Jack's In Overlake, 2000 North Roundabout near Jack's In Overlake, 2000 North Introduction | History | Design | Links | Contact Us | Home

    Roundabouts USA - Draper Roundabouts
    Draper, Utah, Roundabouts South Mountain Roundabout with horse trail underpass New Draper roundabout, 13th East Pioneer Road Introduction | History | Design | Links | Contact Us | Home

    Lane markings on roundabouts
    In Hong Kong the Transport Department (which is responsible for road signage amongst other things), started painting lane markings on roundabouts. These markings are continuous circles of broken white lines around the central island. Towards the end of last year an acquaintance, who was driving around the Hoi Hing Road roundabout in Tsuen Wan for third exit (i.e. turning right), was struck by an overtaking car on his nearside when he started to steer left for his exit i.e. when he was halfway around the roundabout. He has now been prosecuted by police for 'careless driving' on the basis that

    Traffic Calming .Org - Roundabouts
    Roundabouts require traffic to circulate counterclockwise around a center island. Unlike traffic circles, roundabouts are used on higher volume streets to allocate rights-of-way among competing movements

    British Highway Code for Roundabouts
    British Highway Code for Roundabouts These are the official instructions taken from the British Highway Code (1998) on Roundabouts and reformatted for the web. Thanks to Gordon Kemp at PRIDE motorcycle training for this update from the U.K

    Alternate Street Design, P.A.

    Alternate Street Design, P.A. provides professional street design consulting services. We special in finding solutions to the toughest of traffic challenges. No challenge is too big or tough to solve.

    Roundabouts: White Paper
    Improved traffic flow, aesthetics, and cost savings make roundabouts a good idea, and the safety gains are compelling (Status Report, May 13, 2000).
    Large (300’+) Fast 30 to 50 mph Scary High speed merge Smaller < 180’ Slow 10 – 25 mph Safer Yield at entry Previous slide Next slide Back to first slide View graphic version

    Crossings and Roundabouts
    As a 2-level crossing (alternative B). There is, however, an interesting solution to the problem of letting 2 beams cross each other on the same level. We present that solution a bit down on this page. Both of the alternatives above have both advantages and drawbacks. The shunt does not require sloping beams (to achieve different levels), and enables the cars to change direction by switching onto the other beam, if required. But at least one of the beams will need curves, which reduces speed. The 2-level crossing provides for high speed on both beams, and does not require timeslotting, since

    Roundabouts: More Than Just a Traffic Circle
    In many parts of the world, notably the United Kingdom and Australia, modern roundabouts are common intersection control devices. They are slowly gaining acceptance in some parts of the United States. Part of the resistance to implementation of roundabouts in this country is the perception that they have the same characteristics as rotaries. Massachusetts is currently removing rotaries and replacing them with signalized intersections because of the inherent problems with a rotary's operation

    Roundabout Information Page
    The purpose of this page is to provide information on ODOTís current research, guideline development and implementation of roundabout designs.

    NCHRP Anticipated Project
    Although traffic circles have been used in the United States since 1905, their use has been limited since the 1950s because they were found to work neither efficiently nor safely. The modern roundabout was developed

    3-day training course "Using aaSIDRA for Roundabout / Intersection Analysis"
    This course was held in Las Vegas (31 Jul - 2 Aug 2001) run by Akcelik & Associates Pty Ltd. in association with City of Las Vegas
    Parsons Brinckerhoff roundabout page from Peter Doctors
    This page brought to you by Parsons Brinckerhoff the leader in Transportation Engineering in the world.

    City of Delray Beach, Florida website
    What Is A Roundabout? Roundabouts are small raised islands placed in the middle of an intersection. They are typically landscaped with ground cover and street trees. Roundabouts require drivers to slow to a speed that allows them to comfortably maneuver around them. Roundabouts are often called traffic circles, but there is a definite difference between a roundabout and a traffic circle.

    Ourston Roundabout Interchanges
    Ourston Roundabout Engineering is a corporation devoted exclusively to the design of modern roundabouts. We have designed the first three modern roundabout interchanges in North America. We have led the Roundabout Revolution in America with several design accomplishments:

    Dowling Associates Paramics Traffic Simulation
    Dowling Associates has been working closely with Quadstone LTD, the developers of Paramics for over three years. We will post some images and animations from some of our Paramics project work here.
    University Of Florida Transportation Research Center
    About the TRC People Research Projects Educational Programs and Opportunities Transportation Service Centers Other Transportation Sites University of Florida Department of Civil & Coastal Engineering Other UF Servers

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