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Center for Risk Management Education and Research

Undergraduate and Graduate Education in Risk Management

As undergraduate and graduate students consider their future careers, knowledge in risk management is increasingly important, regardless of academic discipline. Knowledge and skills in mitigating risk and maximizing potential is valued across industries, and the Center for Risk Management Education and Research cultivates students to become uniquely prepared to manage risks. The Center offers:

  • Undergraduate Certificate in Integrated Risk Management
  • Student Fellowship Program
  • Risk Management Connection

Undergraduate Certificate in Integrated Risk Management

The Certificate in Integrated Risk Management is designed as a multidisciplinary specialization for students whose career interests include making business decisions involving risk. The purpose of the certificate is to provide undergraduate Student Fellows in the Center for Risk Management Education and Research with the opportunity to participate in a concentrated curriculum in integrated risk management concepts, tools, and applications. The course sequence of this certificate complements and leverages the experiential learning activities Student Fellows participate in through the CRMER.

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To enroll please contact us

Student Fellowship Program

The CRMER Student Fellowship is open to all K-State juniors and graduate students with an interest in risk management and at least three semesters remaining in their academic program.

The CRMER Student Fellowship program provides experiential learning opportunities designed to elevate student knowledge of comprehensive risk inherent in our global society. Students engage in a hands-on education, fully integrated with faculty and industry partners from different fields.

Students apply to the program in the fall and begin the first of three semesters in the spring. Online applications are accepted in September each year. Applicants must display a strong interested in risk management and a 3.5 and higher cumulative GPA is encouraged. All majors are considered, emphasis is placed on students in the colleges of Agriculture, Business, and Engineering.

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Risk Management Connection

The Risk Management Connection is an introductory seminar designed for sophomores at K-State interested in learning more about risk management. Seminars cover fundamental topics in risk as well as discuss the academic, internship, and networking opportunities available in the K-State Center for Risk Management Education and Research.

Seminars are open to all sophomores at K-State. Seminar dates and times are announced in January. Each seminar will cover the same information; students interested in participating are only required to attend one seminar session.

Students who participate in the Risk Management Connection are encouraged to apply to the CRMER Student Fellowship program offered for juniors and graduate students. Participating in the Risk Management Connection program does not guarantee nor is it required for entry into the CRMER Student Fellowship program.

If interested in learning more about the Risk Management Connection, please contact Jennifer Merrill at jlmerrill@ksu.edu

Get Involved

Are you interested in the opportunities available with the Center for Risk Management Education and Research? Please contact us for more information on how you can become involved with the Center.