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Center for Risk Management Education and Research

Undergraduate and Graduate Education in Risk Management

As undergraduate and graduate students consider their future careers, knowledge in risk management is increasingly important, regardless of academic discipline. Knowledge and skills in mitigating risk and maximizing potential is valued across industries, and the Center for Risk Management Education and Research cultivates students to become uniquely prepared to manage risks. The Center offers:

  • An undergraduate emphasis on risk management that develops student skills and knowledge through experiential learning
  • Enhanced graduate programs specifically designed to include advanced risk management modeling skill development
  • Industry risk management internship opportunities, at both the undergraduate and graduate level
  • A student-led risk management research project, both for undergraduates and graduate students, that offers students the opportunity to actively engage in the discovery and development of risk management tools and best practices
  • The opportunity to attend a variety of lectures and seminars facilitated by industry leadership

This participatory, development-oriented approach toward risk management education prepares our students and graduates for a variety of career opportunities and leadership roles in risk management. After all, risk is inherent to all that we do. Therefore, risk management skills are highly transferable and uniquely invaluable to our graduates as they establish their careers.

Get Involved

Are you interested in the opportunities available with the Center for Risk Management Education and Research? Please contact us for more information on how you can become involved with the Center.