Ecology and evolution in changing environments: Mechanisms to Responses

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  1. Faculty affiliated with the Departments of Biology, Entomology, Geography, and Plant Pathology at Kansas State University are available to serve as mentors for students in the REU program in Biology at Kansas State University. The pool of prospective mentors includes beginning investigators who are developing new research projects and senior scientists with well-established programs. All mentors have considerable experience supervising research projects by REU students and have directed study projects by undergraduate students working for research credit during the academic year. In total, the faculty members below have mentored hundreds of REU students supported by the REU Site Grants, REU Supplemental Grants or the early University Research Program (URP). The research interests of this group are broad and span a diverse range of ecological and evolutionary disciplines. The faculty are an unusually cohesive unit because of their common ties to the Ecological Genomics Institute, research at Konza Prairie Biological Station, and the associated Konza Prairie LTER program

  2. The Application Form requires that applicants list three mentors that they would be interested in working with.  Please review the areas of research and websites below and select three possible mentors from the list below.  Please note that a few faculty may be unavailable each year because they are traveling for field work or are on sabbatical leave.

  3. Faculty Mentors (listed alphabetically)

  1. John Blair - Ecosystem Ecology

  2. Alice Boyle - Avian Behavioral, Evolutionary, and Physiological Ecology

  3. John Briggs - Dynamics of Woody Plants

  4. Walter Dodds - Aquatic Ecology

  5. Carolyn Ferguson - Plant Systematics

  6. Karen Garrett - Plant Disease Ecology

  7. Keith Gido - Fish Ecology

  8. David Hartnett - Plant Population Biology

  9. David Haukos - Avian and Wetland Ecology

  10. Mike Herman - Ecological Genomics of Nematodes

  11. Andrew Hope - Mammalian phylogeography and speciation.

  12. Eva Horne - Behavioral Ecology of Herpetofauna

  13. Tony Joern - Grazing Ecology

  14. Loretta Johnson - Plant Ecological Genomics

  15. Ari Jumpponen - Ecology of Soil Microbes and Fungi

  16. Jeremy Marshall - Evolutionary and Speciation Genomics

  17. Martha Mather - Fisheries Ecology

  18. Kendra McLauchlan - Environmental Geography

  19. Ted Morgan - Evolutionary Genomics and Quantitative Genetics

  20. Jesse Nippert - Plant Ecophysiology

  21. Brad Olson - Evolution of Multicellularity

  22. Greg Ragland - The Genomics of Insect Seasonality

  23. Kathrin Schrick - Plant Genomics

  24. Brett Sandercock - Population and Behavioral Ecology of Birds

  25. Bruce Snyder - Taxonomy and Ecology of Soil Invertebrates

  26. Michael Tobler - Evolutionary Ecology    

  27. Chris Toomajian - Population Genomics

  28. Mark Ungerer - Ecological Genomics and Genome Evolution

  29. Michael Veeman - Evolutionary Developmental Biology

  30. Ruth Welti - Lipidomics: Studying Metabolites with Mass Spectrometry

  31. Anna Whitfield - Plant Virology

  32. Lydia Zeglin - Microbial ecology

  33. Greg Zolnerowich - Insect Systematics and Phylogenetics


Faculty Mentors

Division of Biology