Ecology and evolution in changing environments: Mechanisms to Responses

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Here are a few tips to assist you in submitting your application.

  1. Be sure to send all components of the application in a single email.  If all of the materials are sent together, there is less chance that one or more items will go astray.  If we are lacking transcripts or letters of recommendation from one or more of your referees, it may delay processing of your application.

  2. Check your pdf files to make sure they open properly and look the way you intended.

  3. Try to plan ahead and submit in advance of the deadline.  We aim to review the applications and make offers shortly after the March 1 deadline.  It helps if the application files are complete so that we can move quickly on reviewing the applications.

  4. Again, try to submit in the advance of the deadline.  Usually 80% of all of the applications arrive the week before the deadline.

  5. In recent years, many of the REU applicants have indicated a preference for working in vertebrate biology, especially projects with reptiles, birds and mammals.  If vertebrates are your main research interest, you are welcome to apply for an internship in that area but be aware that the positions may be more competitive.  Students with interests in specific research topics in ecosystem science, plant genomics, or invertebrate biology often have a better chance of being matched to an available mentor.

  6. We expect over 120 applications for the Summer program.  We are usually able to acknowledge receipt of applications that arrive in advance of the deadline, but not if we receive your file the week before the deadline.  However, you are welcome to get in touch to enquire about the status of your application.

  7. Deadline. Completed applications, including the application form, two page essay, unofficial transcripts, and letters of recommendation, should be received on or before March 1st.  We expect to start making offers of internships to applicants between March 5th and 16th.  Students not receiving initial offers will be wait-listed for opportunities and it usually takes 1-4 weeks to complete our student selection.  Students invited to participate in the REU program must accept or reject the offer within a week.  Questions regarding the application and selections procedures can be directed to, or the Program Coordinators. 


Application Tips

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