PreAward Services Forms


 Sponsored Projects Transmittal Form(PDF)(Word)Instructions
 Subrecipient Commitment Form (Fillable PDF)(PDF)  
 Sponsored Project Cost Sharing Form(PDF)(Word)Instructions
 Overdraft Request(PDF)(Word) 
 Request for OPAS Authorization(PDF)(Word) 
 Memorandum of AGREEMENT(PDF)(Word) 
 Modification of Agreement(PDF)(Word) 
 Sample Budget(PDF)(Word)Instructions
 Documentation of Proposed Third-Party Contributions(PDF)(Word) 
 Confidentiality Agreement(PDF)(Word) 
 Certification for the Transfer of KSU Foundation Funds to a University Sponsored Project Account(PDF)  
 Authorized Signature Form (Print on Dept. Letterhead)(PDF)(Word) 
 Budget Worksheet & FAQ(PDF)(Word) (Excel)

Word forms should launch the Microsoft Word application on your system where the form may be filled out and printed. NOTE:computations on Word forms occur at print time when you check the update fields box on the print tab of the options selection under the tools menu. You will only need to check this box the first time you use Word forms.

PDF forms can be filled out on the web and then printed using the Adobe Acrobat plug-in (download now).