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Industry and Corporations

Kansas State University is a member of the University-Industry Demonstration Partnership, or UIDP. Our researchers have garnered more than 220 active patents for the university, and brought in more than $129 million in research funding in FY 2016. We have the necessary resources to strengthen industry outcomes. When you partner with Kansas State University, you partner with success.

Intellectual property options

Several intellectual property options are available for industry sponsors to consider. These options assist in securing a preferred position in the commercial marketplace, should your project result in a commercially viable outcome. View an outline of potential approaches (pdf).

After reviewing these options, contact PreAward Services to discuss your company's specific needs at 785-532-6804. PreAward Services can provide the appropriate forms and agreements to begin any project. K-State is committed to working with industry to customize agreements to meet the needs of specific projects. 

Tools and resources

Contract Accords (pdf)

Address commonly recognized areas that can delay or derail projects. Contract Accords allow each party to gain a greater understanding of how to address these topics, reflecting the best practices of university and industry UIDP representatives. 

Researcher Guidebook (pdf)

Addresses the opportunities and challenges unique to institution and industry collaborations, specifically targeting active researchers. This guidebook leads the researcher to ask the right questions to determine whether to proceed with a particular collaboration. 

UIDP Federal Flow-Down Project Reference Guide (pdf)

Developed to increase awareness of government flow-down clauses that are potentially problematic to subcontractors. When possible, alternative solutions are provided, as well as strategies for understanding and managing flow-down clauses. 

Kansas State University Research Foundation

Serves as the technology transfer arm of PreAward Services, and works with industry partners interested in including commercial language in sponsored research agreements.