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Reporting Units

The following research administrative units, research support and development services and core facilities report to the Office of the Vice President for Research:

Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) and PreAward Services (PAS)

ORSP promotes and facilitates the research, education and outreach missions of the university by supporting and administering all activities involving extramurally sponsored programs. The mission of ORSP is to provide the K-State community with a wealth of services.

Biotechnology Core Laboratory

The goods and services provided by the facility give researchers the tools they need to identify new proteins, protein modifications, protein-protein interactions and enzyme substrates.

Electronics Design Laboratory

EDL provides researchers with access to advanced electronics, assists with integrating electronics technology into research programs and aids in electronics technology transfer to users by providing ongoing technical support. EDL works in cooperation with many diverse academic departments for a symbiotic approach to problem-solving.

University Research Compliance Office (URCO)

University activities that may involve research on human subjects, laboratory animal care and use, or propose to use recombinant DNA or biohazardous materials must comply with applicable federal, state or local rules, regulations and guidelines. K-State has universitywide committees that provide regulatory oversight and guidance in these three critical areas. Individuals who plan efforts in any of these areas must receive formal approval from the appropriate compliance committee prior to commencement of the project.

National Agricultural Biosecurity Center (NABC)

NABC is an integral part of the Midwest’s expanding animal health corridor. NABC is located on campus and contributes to and accesses a vast network of interdisciplinary research and resources in areas such as animal disease, foodborne pathogens, plant pathogens and environmental changes affecting agriculture and human health.

Biosecurity Research Institute (BRI)

BRI at Pat Roberts Hall on the Kansas State University campus is a unique biocontainment research and education facility. The BRI supports comprehensive "farm-to-fork" infectious disease research programs that address threats to plant, animal and human health.

KSU Research Foundation (KSURF)

KSURF advises and assists researchers who have discovered an apparatus, process or composition of matter that is useful and unique and might be patentable or protectable. Please contact our office or complete an invention disclosure form