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Please note that the transmittal process is handled through eProposals. If you need access to eProposals, call 785-532-6804. 

Copies of forms marked with * are provided for reference.

1Sponsored Projects Transmittal Form*PDFWordInstructions
2Subrecipient Commitment Form – PHS SpecificPDF  
3Subrecipient Commitment Form – Non PHS SpecificPDF  
4Overdraft Request*PDFWord 
5Request for Expanded Authority Authorization*PDFWord 
6Sample BudgetPDFWordInstructions
7Documentation of Proposed Third-Party ContributionsPDFWord 
8Certification for the Transfer of KSU Foundation Funds to a University Sponsored Project AccountPDF  
9Authorized Signature Form (Print on Dept. Letterhead)PDFWord 
10Budget Worksheet & FAQPDFWordExcel
11Sample Budget – Industry  Excel