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Research, Scholarly and Creative Activities, and Discovery (RSCAD) News

April 30, 2015

The weekly RSCAD newsletter provides the latest research news, funding opportunities and academic trends.

K-State in the News

6 Places Germs Are Lurking in Your Kitchen

04/23/15 MSN.com
A new study identified the top kitchen items that are commonly cross-contaminated during the preparation of a meal. Kansas State University researchers analyzed the food prep practices of 123 people. 

New Avian Flu Viruses Send U.S. Scientists Scrambling

04/25/15 Yahoo! News
Because much is still unknown about these new viruses, the USDA and the CDC are conducting detailed analyses that include sequencing the viruses' genomes. A key question they hope to answer is whether the viruses might mutate and become human viruses. "This is something we need to avoid: it is something that could happen and which we have to look for," said Dr. Jurgen Richt, an expert in avian influenza at Kansas State University.

How Iowa Case Could Change Elders' Sex Rights

04/23/15 USA Today
A 78-year-old Iowa man's sex-abuse trial should prompt serious discussions about addressing the sexual needs of the elderly while preventing those most vulnerable from abuse, state and national experts said. "You've got all this attention on this — so now is the time to make changes," said Gayle Doll, director of the Center on Aging at Kansas State University.

KSU to Host Touring Exhibit of Early Shakespeare Folio

04/27/15 The Washington Times
A nearly 400-year-old collection of William Shakespeare's plays will make a stop in Manhattan. Kansas State University will host an exhibition featuring a rare "First Folio" of the Bard's plays in February 2016.

Website Promoting Nonprofit Colleges and Universities Publishes 2015 Students Before Profits Award Ranking for Best Online Master's in Engineering Programs

04/22/15 Greensboro Business Journal
The "Students Before Profits Award" series of rankings attempts to counteract online education's negative reputation fostered by the exploitative practices of some for-profit online education companies by highlighting online schools that put "students before profits and education before the bottom line." To be considered for an award, programs must be offered by a regionally accredited nonprofit college or university. Programs are then ranked according to their affordability. The University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, Ark. takes first place in the ranking with a total tuition of around $7,000. The South Dakota School of Mines and Technology in Rapid City, S.D. and Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa come in second and third, respectively. Other colleges and universities awarded include ... Kansas State University.

From our Peers

Concept Car Turns Into a Party Pad For Chill Millennials

04/24/15 MSN.com
The Deep Orange 5 is part car, part party venue. The concept vehicle has double-hinged doors that open out like nightclub doors, allowing easy access to seats that can be reversed, turning it from car into social space. It's the creation of Clemson University's International Center for Automotive Research, developed in partnership with General Motors, and was designed for young adults who the university says will "live in mega-cities in 2020." It is, essentially, a car for millennials.

Researchers Find Alarming Rise in Cost of MS Drugs Over Past Two Decades

04/24/15 Bloomberg
A new study shows an "alarming rise" over the last 20 years in the costs of drugs used to slow the progression of multiple sclerosis or reduce the frequency of attacks, according to a study led by researchers at Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) and Oregon State University (OSU).

A Professor's Quest for the Purest Vodka

04/25/15 USA Today
As a seasoned Iowa State University engineering professor, Leeuwen's research into air and water purification triggered an epiphany: He could use his lifetime of experiences and reams of knowledge to create a volatile-impurity-free vodka.

With Bird Flu Spreading, USDA Starts on Potential Vaccine

04/22/15 Yahoo! Finance
Dr. Kyoungjin Yoon, an avian influenza expert at Iowa State University, said human experience shows flu vaccines don't always match well with viruses in circulation. Vaccine-induced immunity could also slow the detection of outbreaks, Yoon said. One of the main symptoms is that flocks start dying off quickly.

CSU Researchers Get EPA Grant To Study Impact of Green Buildings on Students

04/21/15 Denver Business Journal
Living in a "green," healthy environment has often been associated with a better life. And if researchers at Colorado State University can prove it, a green environment in the classroom can also have a profound effect on student health and performance, too.

New Funding Opportunities

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RSCAD Trending Topics

Economic Success Depends on UW, Other Public Universities

A lively debate underway in Wisconsin and across the nation questions the value of public research universities to the state taxpayers who help support them. This debate indicates that many do not understand the role these universities play in driving innovation and keeping the state and U.S. competitive. As an economist, I've spent a lot of time thinking about American competitiveness. There are two big things that really matter if the United States is going to stay at the front end of the global economy. First, we need a skilled and nimble workforce; second, we need to stay on the cutting edge of innovation and new technology. There's only one institution at the center of both of those agendas: the big research university that educates students and serves as an ideas factory for the nation.

Shifts in Computer Science Interest

Efforts to shrink the gender gap in computer science would benefit from a better understanding of who pursues computer science and why. That’s the basis of a paper, “Anatomy of an Enduring Gender Gap: The Evolution of Women’s Participation in Computer Science,” which analyzed students' interest in computer science over a 40-year period.

Rebirth of the Research University

In California, some of us spend a good deal of time feeling nostalgia for days past (specifically, 1960) when the California Master Plan for Higher Education was codified, approved, and financed. In the world of higher education, this visionary plan was the greatest organizational idea for public higher education in the 20th century. It connected excellence in research to the mission of near-universal education by defining the roles of its three systems of universities, state colleges, and community colleges.

Science War in Ireland

Science in the Republic of Ireland is being destroyed by a “scientific apartheid” that reserves the most competitive research funding for 14 priority areas, largely chosen for commercial reasons.