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Establish a Collaboration

Going it alone isn't an option for multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research. Find an internal collaborator or learn how we can facilitate industry partnerships. 

Research Resources Database

Find information about resources such as instrumentation, equipment, and facilities via a searchable online interface. Be sure to list your resources in the database so internal and external users can find you! 

Pivot profiles

Looking for a colleague who can help you with a project? Use Pivot to find the right person. Update your profile with a CV or publication page to help others find you as a potential collaborator or to receive funding recommendations based on your profile.

Industry collaboration and agreement templates

We have developed innovative approaches to industry-sponsored research. Find out how we bridge the gap between the business needs of companies and the public policy mandates that govern public universities. Agreement templates will have you up and running soon.

Contact your Associate Dean for Research

Colleges and other units have identified personnel responsible for research collaborations and activities.  

Centers and Institutes

Explore our wide array of research facilities at all three Kansas State University campuses and our work across the state of Kansas through K-State Research and Extension. Find scholarly work from across the university in K-REx.