The IACUC is composed of at least one representative from each major administrative unit (college) of the University that uses animals in the animal care and use program. The Institutional Official (Vice President for Research) signs the appointment for committee members, and they serve for an indefinite period, usually three years. The IO may appoint additional members based upon statutory requirements, programmatic emphasis, or desired expertise needs. Link to the regulations in the Animal Welfare Act.

IACUC Committee Members

Sally Olson
IACUC Committee Chair
Comparative Medicine Group

Brooke Bloomberg
Comparative Medicine Group

David Haukos

Denver Marlow
Comparative Medicine Group, Attending Vet

Nancy Grieshaber
Community Member

Stephen Kiefer
Psychological Sciences

Evan Titgemeyer
Animal Science

Jerry Jaax
University Research Compliance Office

Steven Galitzer
Director, Public Safety

Gayle Willard
College of Veterinary Medicine

L. Tonatiuh Melgarejo
Human Nutrition

D. Scott McVey


Heath Ritter (Jerry Jaax Alternate)
University Research Compliance Office

Mark Ruder (D. Scott McVey Alternate)

Annika Linde 
Human Nutrition

Mary Cain
Psychological Sciences