Agronne National Laboratory

Argonne National Laboratory and Kansas State University have entered into an Independent Investigator User Agreement. This agreement allows KSU faculty to perform work using Argonne facilities, subject to Argonne's prior approval of the proposed work plan. Before KSU faculty can visit Argonne National Laboratory and/or APS, they must register at least two weeks ahead of time. Non US citizens may require more than two weeks time. Registration may be done over the web at the following site:

After registering, all visitors must complete orientation:
Visit the above web site and go to: Orientation study guide

Orientation includes seven steps:

  1. Register as an APS user, which can be done remotely through the following link?
  2. Receive permission to come to the APS and an appointment for APS orientation.
  3. Establish current General Employee Radiation Training (GERT) status If the visitor does not currently have GERT training, they must take the test given by User Office administrative staff or an APS floor coordinator. A GERT study guide is available on line at
  4. Successfully pass the APS 101 quiz, which is based on the material contained in Part 2: APS User Orientation (APS 101) Study Guide.
  5. Sign forms indicating your agreements to comply with APS/Argonne requirements. These will be provided at Argonne
  6. Complete sector-specific orientation (APS 2xx, where xx indicates the sector) with your host CAT.
  7. Meet your floor coordinator.

Visit the above web site and go to:
Pre-Arrival Information and Orientation Study Guide to get a complete list of procedures.

Should there be any questions regarding procedures, please contact Argonne National Laboratory via