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Completing the IPEDS Ethnicity Survey

Prior to enrolling for the Summer/Fall 2010 term each student will be required to complete the Federal IPEDS Ethnicity Survey. The following is presented to assist the student in finding and completing the survey.

  1. When you login in KSIS Self Service and view the Student Center you will notice that your account will have an IPD Service Indicator. This will prohibit you from enrolling for any future term until you have completed the online Federal IPEDS Ethnicity Survey. You may also have other service indicators listed, which also must be reconciled before enrollment.
  2. To complete the survey, click on Campus Personal Information, then click on Ethnicity.

    IPEDS Survey 1

    IPEDS Survey 2
  3. Once you have clicked on Ethnicity, you will be presented with the Federal IPEDS Ethnicity Survey. If KSIS currently holds your ethnicity/race information, the choices will be filled in, or if no ethnicity/race information is maintained, the survey will look as below. Please follow the instructions on the survey.

    IPEDS Survey 3

    Below are the IPEDS definitions for Ethnicity and Race:

    IPEDS Survey Race Definitions

  4. Once you have checked 'The Information is correct as entered' and clicked the 'SUBMIT' button, you will be presented with the following screen.

    IPEDS Survey Complete
  5. At this time, you will not be able to change your ethnicity/race information. The IPD service indicator will be removed, and assuming that you have no other service indicators prohibiting enrollment, you may enroll. Please note that you WILL NOT be able to modify your ethnicity/race information once the survey is complete.