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KSIS Inactive Minors

List of Inactive Minors in KSIS

Refer to the table below for all inactive minors.

Filter on the table by typing in a value in the search box or use sort arrows to right of column header.

KSIS Inactive Minors
CIP CodeAcademic ProgramAcademic PlanDegreeAcademic Plan DescriptionEffective Date
01.0899AGUDGRCCAGM1Minor - Contmp Citzn In Agric3/19/2010
09.0101ASUDGRRHCMM1Minor - Rhetoric/Communication8/31/2010
09.0101ASUDGRSPCOMM1Minor - Speech Communication5/15/2011
31.0505ASUNDRKINM1Minor - Kinesiology2/27/2015
29.0101ASUNDRMILEM1Minor - Military Leadership5/16/2011
14.1001ENUDGRDGSYM1Minor - Digital Systems8/31/2010
14.0901ENUDGREMSYM1Minor - Embedded Systems8/31/2010
14.3501ENUDGRENMGM1Minor - Engineering Management8/31/2010
14.3501ENUDGRERGSM1Minor - Ergonomics/Safety8/31/2010
14.3701ENUDGROPREM1Minor - Operations Research8/31/2010
19.0901HEUDGRCLTXM1Minor - Clothing And Textiles8/1/2008
51.0201HEUDGRCSDIM1Minor - Comm Sci & Disorders8/31/2010
19.0403HEUDGRFFPLM1Minor - Family Financial Plan8/31/2010
19.0403HEUDGRPFPLM1Minor - Personl Financial Plan8/31/2010
52.0901HEUNDRHRMGM1Minor - Hotel & Restrnt Mgmt2/27/2015
26.0305AGUNDRGBIOTKSM1Post-Baccalaureate (in the process of being inactive)5/15/2011
05.0207ASUNDRWMSTKSM1Post-Baccalaureate (in the process of being inactive)5/15/2011