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Office of the Registrar
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KSIS Degree Codes

List of Degree Codes in KSIS

Refer to the table below for all degree codes.

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KSIS Degree Codes
01Bachelor of Science in AgricultureA4
03Bachelor of Science in Bakery Science and MgmtA4
05Bachelor of Science in Feed Science and ManagementA4
07Bachelor of Science in Milling Science and MgmtA4
08Bachelor of Science in Food Science and IndustryA4
20Bachelor of ArtsA4
21Bachelor of Fine ArtsA4
22Bachelor of MusicA4
23Bachelor of ScienceA4
24Bachelor of Music EducationA4
30Bachelor of Science in Business AdministrationA4
40Bachelor of Science in EducationA4
45Bachelor of Science in EducationA4
51Bachelor of Science in Chemical EngineeringA4
52Bachelor of Science in Civil EngineeringA4
53Bachelor of Science in Electrical EngineeringA4
54Bachelor of Science in Industrial EngineeringA4
55Bachelor of Science in Mechanical EngineeringA4
58Bachelor of Science in Architectural EngineeringA4
60Bachelor of Science in Human EcologyA4
63Bachelor of Science in DieteticsA4
67Bachelor of Science in Interior DesignA4
70Doctor of Veterinary MedicineA4
81Master of ArtsA2
84Master of ScienceA2
85Master of Business AdministrationA2
86Master of MusicA2
87Master of AccountancyA2
88Master of Fine ArtsA2
89Master of Public AdministrationA2
90Secondary MajorA0
94Doctor of EducationA2
99Doctor of PhilosophyA2
A1Bachelor of Science in AgribusinessA4
A5Bachelor of Sciencein Wildlife & Outdoor Ent MgmtA4
B5Master of ArchitectureA2
B6Master of Interior Architecture and Product DesignA2
C1Graduate CertificateA2
E5Bachelor of Science in Computer EngineeringA4
E6Bachelor of Science in Construction Sci and MgmtA4
E7Bachelor of Science in Computer ScienceA4
G7Master of Software EngineeringA2
G8Master of Engineering ManagementA2
G9Master of AgribusinessA2
H7Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant MgmtA4
H8Bachelor of Science in Family Studies & Human ServA4
H9Bachelor of Science in Apparel and TextilesA4
I3Bachelor of Science in Biological Systems EnggA4
J1Bachelor of Science in Human NutritionA4
J2Master of Public HealthA2
J3Bachelor of Science in Athletic TrainingA4
J5Bachelor of Science in KinesiologyA4
J6Bachelor of Science in Hospitality ManagementA4
J7Bachelor of Science in Personal Financial PlanningA4
J8Bachelor of Science in Human Dev & Family ScienceA4
L1Master of Arts in TeachingA2
O1Prof Science Master in Applied Science and TechA2
T3Associate of TechnologyA2
T9Bachelor of Science in Technology ManagementA4
U1Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical TechnologyA4
U3Associate of ScienceA2
U6Bachelor of Science in Engineering TechnologyA4
UHUniversity Honors Program CompletedA4
V1Professional Master of TechnologyA2
02Bachelor of Science in Agricultural JournalismI4
04Bachelor of Science in BiochemistryI4
06Bachelor of Science in Horticultural TherapyI4
09Associate of Science in AgricultureI2
11Bachelor of ArchitectureI3
12Bachelor of Interior ArchitectureI3
13Bachelor of Landscape ArchitectureI3
14Bachelor of Science in Architectural EngineeringI3
15Bachelor of Science in Building ConstructionI4
16Bachelor of Science in Landscape ArchitectureI3
25Bachelor of Science in Physical EducationI4
26Bachelor of Science in Technical JournalismI4
27Associate of ArtsI2
28Associate of ScienceI2
29Bachelor of General StudiesI4
31Associate of ArtsI2
50Bachelor of Science in Agricultural EngineeringI4
56Bachelor of Science in Nuclear EngineeringI4
57Bachelor of Science in Engineering TechnologyI4
59Bachelor of Science in Construction ScienceI4
61Bachelor of Science in Human Ecology and Mass CommI4
62Bachelor of Science in Restaurant ManagementI4
64Bachelor of Science In Consumer and Family EconI4
65Bachelor of Science in Foods and NutritionI4
66Bachelor of Science in Human Devel Family StudiesI4
68Bachelor of Science in Food Science and IndustryI4
69Bachelor of Science in Clothing and TextilesI4
80Master of ArchitectureI2
82Master of Landscape ArchitectureI2
83Master of Regional and Community PlanningI2
92Pre-professional Program-No Degree ReceivedI4
95Certificate (Non-Teaching)I2
98Teaching CertificateI4
A0Bachelor of Science in Feed TechnologyI4
A2Bachelor of ScienceI4
A3Bachelor of ArtsI4
B1Master of ArchitectureI2
B2Master of Interior Architecture and Product DesignI2
B3Master of Landscape ArchitectureI2
B4Master of Regional and Community PlanningI5
E0Bachelor of Science in Flour Milling EngineeringI4
E1Bachelor of Science-PrintingI4
E2Bachelor of Science-Industrial ArtsI4
E3Bachelor of Science-Industrial EducationI4
E4Bachelor of Science-Industrial TechnologyI4
E8Bachelor of Science in Information SystemsI4
E9Bachelor of Science in Biological and Agric EnggI4
G6Master of EngineeringI2
H1Bachelor of Science in Vocational Home Econ EducI4
H2Bachelor of Science in Textile ChemistryI4
H3Bachelor of Science in HealthI4
H4Bachelor of Science in Home EconomicsI4
H5Bachelor of Science in Home Economics Mass CommI4
H6Bachelor of Science in Family & Child DevelopmentI4
I1Bachelor of Science in Manufacturing Systems EnggI4
S2Bachelor of Science in Music EducationI4
S3Bachelor of Science in Elementary EducationI4
T1Certificate:Aviation Maint Technician Sch BZ9T052RI2
T2Associate of Applied ScienceI2
T4Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering TechI4
T5Bachelor of Science in Electronic Engineering TechI4
T6Certificate:Airframe-Power Plant Tech Sch BZ9T052RI2
T7Certificate:Airframe Technician Sch BZ9T052RI2
T8Certificate:Power Plant Technician Sch BZ9T052RI2
U2Bachelor of Science in Land Information TechnologyI4
U4Bachelor of Science Electronic and Comp Engg TechI4
U5Bachelor of Science in Computer Systems TechI4