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Welcome Back Students! - Posted: Monday, August 20

:Here is a brief explanation of the committees that our club offers

Blood Drive:
  • Members of this committee help organize and participate in the KSU and local community blood drives. Blood drive jobs include: sign-ups & registration, escorting donors, and working the canteen area.
  • Health & Safety:
    • Members of this committee have the option to become trained in First Aid/CPR Instruction, allowing them to teach First Aid/CPR courses to students and local community members. Alternatively, members can help teach a disaster education course, Masters of Disaster, at the local Boys & Girls club.
    Disaster Services:
    • Members of this committee can be trained in various disaster response skills and, after enough training, may join the local Disaster Action Team and respond to local and national crises.
    International Services:
    • Members of this committee organize and attend several International Humanitarian Law presentations to become aware and help spread word of the guiding principles of International Humanitarian Law as set forth by the Geneva Conventions of 1949. Members also participate in various Red Cross sanctioned initiatives based on current events .
    Public Relations:
    • Members of this committee handle campus-wide advertising campaigns and recruitment of new members. Some of the many undertakings of this committee include: table-sits at the student union, campus chalking, poster or flyer designing, cross-college ambassadoring, website updating, and survey-taking.

    Union Expo - Posted: August 23rd

    • The American Red Cross Club of KSU is going to be appearing at the Kansas State Union Expo on the date of the 23rd of August. Anyone interested in joining the club feel free to come and see us.
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