OPERATION: Safe Student

OPERATION: Safe Student

...is a project that was created by the Emergency Services Committee of the American Red Cross Club. The goal of the project is to increase awareness of safety issues for students living off campus, but is also beneficial to those living on campus as well. The following links provide information about personal safety issues, renter's insurance, tenant checklists, etc. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view this information and can be downloaded for free at www.adobe.com.

TENANT'S INSURANCE - A necessity for all K-State student renters! Click here for information on insurance coverage and insurance agencies in Manhattan.

HOUSING CONDITION CHECKLIST - Print this checklist and do your own inspection of your rental property PRIOR to moving in. ****Call 587-4506 for a FREE apartment inspection****

EMERGENCY CONTACT INFORMATION FOR ROOMMATES - In the event of an emergency, do you know how to contact your roommate's family? Print this page and fill one out for each roommate; then post them where they can be located quickly.

FIRE SAFETY - Is your rental property prone to fires? Click here for fire safety and prevention tips.

CARBON MONOXIDE - Carbon monoxide kills hundreds of people each year. It is essential to have your rental property inspected for faulty furnaces, water heaters, fireplaces, stoves, and other household appliances. Carbon monoxide detectors can be purchased at local retail stores for a small price that just might save your life.

SEVERE WEATHER SAFETY/DISASTER CHECKLIST - Do you know where YOU can go in the event of severe weather? Do you have a disaster plan and kit? Click here for severe weather tips and a list of items for your kit.

EXERCISE SAFETY - Tips for staying safe while walking or jogging.

BICYCLE RULES AND REGULATIONS - The same laws that apply to motorists also apply to cyclists. Click here for the rules of the road for cyclists.

ATM and CREDIT CARD SAFETY - Identity theft and fraud is on the rise. Don't be a victim! Here are some tips for protecting your identity and your money.

More information on preparedness can be found at www.prepare.org.

Questions or Comments about this page? Send an email to Kalynn Koza, Health & Safety Chair, at kkoza@ksu.edu.
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