Undergraduate Program: KATS/DARS


KATS (K-State Access Technology System) is an interactive system that gives you access to your academic information and allows you to manage some of your own university business. For example, you are able to:

  • enroll
  • change your schedule
  • update addresses
  • check financial aid
  • view your grades, semester schedule, holds, account status, and other related information
  • order parking permist, athletic tickets, yearbook, etc.

DARS (Degree Audit Reporting System) is a computerized, personalized analysis of an undergraduate student's progress toward a specific K-State degree. A DARS report shows all the requirements needed to receive a degree and which transfer and home courses have been completed to satisfy those requirements. Bring your DARS report with you when you meet with your advisor.

Note: DARS reports are not available for graduate students.

The following section describes the process of obtaining a DARS report using the KATS system.

Instructions for Obtaining Your DARS Report.

  1. On the K-State home page (www.ksu.edu), click on KATS.

  2. On the KATS home page, click on Enter KATS. (Complete the census questionnaire if prompted to do so.)

  3. Follow the instructions to enter your student ID number and PIN number. If you do not have a PIN, follow the instructions to get one. Note: Click on the Wildcat paw when you make choices in DARS.

  4. At the KATS Main Menu, chose DARS.

  5. Choose Run a DARS report if you want to complete record of everything you took. (This generates the longest report).

    - OR -

    Choose Run a DARS incomplete requirements report if you only want to see what you still have left to complete for your degree.

    - OR -

    If you are a pre-psychology (PPSY) student, choose I'm considering a change in curriculum to generate a report for a psychology major. On the next page, click on the College of Arts and Sciences. When prompted, choose either Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Psychology. (Choose Bachelor of Arts if you plan to complete 2 years of a modern language.)

  6. Choose Run a DARS Report.

  7. Choose Run a DARS Report again. It takes a few minutes to generate your report. Click on Refresh DARS Report List periodically if you want the report now. You can log off and retrieve the report up to two days later by selecting View Requested DARS Reports.

  8. Click on number in the box when it appears.

  9. When your DARS report appears, use your browser's Print function to print the report.

  10. Bring your report with you when you meet with your advisor.