Requirements for a B.A. or B.S. with a Major in Psychology

In addition to the General Requirements for a B.A. or B.S. degree in the College of Arts and Sciences, the undergraduate major in psychology consists of the following set of required courses:



Catalog Number





Credit Hours

 PSYCH 110


 PSYCH 115

  General  Psychology - 3 hrs.


  Honors General Psychology - 3 hrs.




 PSYCH 200

Junior Seminar in Psychology

       (This class should be taken in the fall semester of your junior year.)


STAT 325

Elementary Statistics for Social Sciences

(The following statistics courses also satisfy this requirement:

STAT 320, STAT 340, STAT 350, STAT 510, STAT 702, and STAT 703.)  It is suggested, but not required, that Statistics be taken concurrently with  Experimental Methods.


PSYCH 350*

Experimental Methods in Psychology


Two of the following four courses:

 PSYCH 460*

 PSYCH 470

 PSYCH 475*

 PSYCH 480*

  Cognitive Psychology (prerequisite is PSYCH 350) - 3 hrs.

  Psychobiology (prerequisite is BIOL 198 - 3 hrs.

  Principles of Learning (prerequisite is PSYCH 350) - 3 hrs.

  Fundamentals of Perception & Sensation (prerequisite is PSYCH 350) - 3 hrs.






One of the following:

 PSYCH 605*

 PSYCH 620*

  Advanced Social Psychology** (prerequisite is PSYCH 350) - 3 hrs.

  Psychology of Personality (prerequisite is PSYCH 350) - 3 hrs.




Electives in the Psychology Department                 

TOTAL number of hours required              




To graduate with a bachelor's degree in psychology, a student must fulfill all departmental course requirements and have cumulative GPAs of at least 2.5 in both:

(a) all psychology courses undertaken at Kansas State University*** and

(b) all course work undertaken at Kansas State University.


*     Enrollment is restricted to psychology (PSYCH) majors; pre-psychology (PPSY) students may not enroll in these classes

**   Formerly called Foundations of Social Behavior

*** The graduation requirement of at least a 2.5 GPA in all psychology courses undertaken at Kansas State University applies to all students who become PPSY or PSYCH majors after July 15, 2000.