Chelsea SchnabelrauchChelsea A. Schnabelrauch

Advisor: Dr. Laura Brannon

Description of Research

On a general level, I am interested in social influence and persuasion. Of particular interest to me are social influences on norm perceptions, as well as social influences on decision making and behavior modification in respect to helping and prosocial behaviors.


Yonker, J. E., Schnabelrauch, C. A., and DeHaan, L. G. (2012). Outcomes of religiosity in adolescents and emerging adults: A meta-analytic review. Journal of Adolescence, 35, 299-314.


Schnabelrauch, C. A., Sonnentag, T. L., & Brannon, L. A. (January 2013). Attitudinal agreement influences preference for moral rebels. Society for Personality and Social Psychology, New Orleans, Louisiana.

Riek, B. M., Root-Luna, L., & Schnabelrauch, C. A. (January 2013). Transgressors’ guilt and shame: A longitudinal examination of forgiveness seeking. Society for Personality and Social Psychology, New Orleans, Louisiana.

Schnabelrauch, C. A., Yonker, J. E., and DeHaan, L. G. (October 2010). Does religion matter for teens and young adults?: A meta-analysis. Science Division Summer Research Poster Fair, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Schnabelrauch, C. A., and Riek, B. M. (April 2010). Exploring forgiveness: The effects of past reflection on likelihood to forgive. Michigan Undergraduate Psychology Research Conference, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Teaching Experience

  • General Psychology - Spring 2014

Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) assignments:

  • Experimental Methods Lab - Fall 2012 to present
  • Health Psychology - Spring 2012
  • Psychology of Personality - Spring 2012
  • General Psychology - Fall 2011 
  • Lifespan Personality Development - Fall 2011


M.S. – Psychology – Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS, 2013

Master’s Thesis: Misperception of Alcohol Norms: Influence of Others’ Comments on Perception of Norm Drinking Behaviors

B.A. – Psychology – Calvin College, Grand Rapids, MI, 2011

  • Dance Minor

Contact Information

Office: Bluemont Hall 5108


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