Manpreet RaiManpreet Rai

Advisor: Dr. Richard Harris

Description of research

My research revolves around two main areas of cognitive psychology: language processing and memory. In particular, in an ever shrinking and multi-lingual world, my work aims to better understand influences on foreign language (FL) processing. Specifically, I am interested in how working memory (WM) and stress effect FL reading comprehension, particularly the comprehension of different types of inferences (from fact, to complex pragmatic inferences).

Currently, I am researching the most recently proposed component in Baddeley’s WM model: the Episodic Buffer and how it impacts foreign language processing: either automatically or through conscious effort. The answer to this question may help bridge two opposing views (WM vs. LTWM) of how memory works in the short term. My other research interests are in Teaching & Learning and Pedagogical practices as well as the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.


Rai, M.K., & Harris, R.J. (2013). The modified Brown-Peterson task: A tool to directly compare children and adult’s working memory. The Journal of Genetic Psychology, 174(2), 153-169.

Rai, M.K., Loschky, L.C., Harris, R.J., Peck, N.R., & *Cook, L. (2011). The effects of stress and working memory capacity on foreign language readers’ inference comprehension. Language Learning, 61(1), 187-218.

Kline D., & Rai, M. (2004). Visual Agnosias. Vision and Aging Lab Website, department of psychology. University of Calgary.

Manuscripts under Review

Rai, M., Loschky, L., Harris, R.J., Barros, P., Hinds, R. (Manuscript under review).  The Effects of Stress on Reading: A Comparison of First Language versus Intermediate Second Language Reading Comprehension

Presentations (*indicated undergraduate coauthor)

Fallin, J., Rai, M., & Ward B. (November 2013). Best practices for video technology as a tool for assessment in graduate courses. Video poster presented at the Institute for Student Learning Assessment Conference, Manhattan, KS

Fallin, J., Rai, M., & Ward, B. (June, 2013). Discourse on Reflective Learning through Video Assessment of Teaching. Workshop presented at 10th Annual Teaching Professor Conference, New Orleans, LA.

Fallin, J., Rai, M., & Ward B. (March 2013). Unique uses for technology in your current courses. Showcase presented at the annual Innovations in Teaching and Learning: Speakers, Thinkers and Doers Conference, Manhattan, KS.

Rai, M.K., & Harris, R.J. (May 2011) Children’s working memory performance on the Brown-Peterson Task Compared to Adults. Poster presented at the annual Association for Psychological Science meeting, Washington, DC.

Rai, M., Loschky, L., Harris, J., Barros, P., Hinds, R. (2010, Aug). The Effects of Inferential Complexity, Stress, and Working Memory Capacity on Foreign Language Readers' and Native English Readers’ Comprehension of Inferences. Talk presented at the 20th Annual Meeting of the Society for Text and Discourse, Chicago, IL.

Loschky, L.C., Rai, M.K., Harris, R.J., Barros, P.C., & *Cook, L.G.(2009, Nov). Effects of stress, working memory capacity, and inferential complexity on foreign language reading comprehension. Talk presented at the 50th Annual Meeting of the Psychonomic Society, Boston, MA.

Rai, M., Loschky, L., Harris, J., Peck, N. *Mann, K. (2008). The effects of stress and working memory capacity on second language learners’ comprehension of facts, inferences, and pronoun referents. Poster presented at the annual Society for Text and Discourse meeting. Memphis, TN.

Loschky, L., Harris, J., Rai M., Peck N., *Mann K and *McSpadden, B. (2008). Pronoun reference in reading comprehension is difficult for intermediate foreign language learners. Poster presented at the Association for Psychological Science meeting, Chicago, IL.

Rai, M. (2007). Memory Decay in Children as measured by the Brown-Peterson Task. Talk presented at the Annual Great Plains Psychology Conference, Wichita KS.

Rai, M., & Marrs, H. (2006). Online surveys as a method to measure international students' epistemological beliefs and self construal. Poster presented at Fort Hays State University Research and Creativity Week April 2006, Hays, KS.

Rai, M., & Marrs, H. (2006). Online surveys as a method to measure international students'  epistemological beliefs and self construal. Poster presented at the annual meeting of the Central Plains Psychology Conference, Warrensburg, MO.

Teaching Experience


  • General Psychology (Psych 110)                                                   Spring 2008
        Kansas State University                                                                
  • Memory Applications (Psych 450)                                                  Spring 2009
        Kansas State University                                                           Fall 2010

Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA):

  • Principles of College Teaching (EDCI 943)                                        Fall 2011
        Graduate level class                                                                Spring 2012
        Kansas State University                                                           Fall 2012                                                                                                                        Spring 2013
                                                                                                   Fall 2014
  • Behavioral Statistics (Psych 250)                                                   Fall 2005
        Lab Instructor                                                                        Spring 2006
        Fort Hays State University                                                                               

Guest Lecturer:

  • General Psychology (Psych 110) Eyewitness memory section               Fall 2009

Participated in Department of Psychology Teaching Apprenticeship Program (2007-2008).

-Fall Semester: Complete Principles of College Teaching  course (College of Education)

-Spring Semester: Complete Teaching Practicum course (Dept. of Psychology)


PhD- Cognitive Psychology- Kansas State University, expected May 2014

M.S.- General/Experimental Psychology: Fort Hays State University, 2006

BSc- Psychology: University of Calgary, 2004

Any personal information you would like to share (e.g., extracurricular activities)

I am a Canadian. Yes, I love hockey and Tim Hortons, and no I do not live in an igloo. I’m very involved at K-State, and must admit, I officially bleed purple. GO CATS! I love being with friends and family may it be playing disc golf, be around a bonfire, in front of a movie, hiking up the konza, or having fun with with my two nieces and nephew, Cassie, Jasmine and Deven.  Family, friends and psychology…life is good!

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