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Department of Psychological Sciences

Conor O'Dea

Ryan Ringer

Vitae (pdf)

Advisor: Donald Saucier

Contact Info

Office: BH 597

E-mail: codea@ksu.edu

Description of Research

My theoretical perspective is that, in order to better understand why individuals exhibit prejudice, even though they are aware of societal norms that they should not express antisocial behaviors (e.g., physical violence, racial discrimination), we should examine factors that affect the justification as well as the suppression of antisocial behaviors. For example, one program of research focuses on how and when masculine honor beliefs predict violence in response to insults and threats. Another program of research focuses on situational factors that affect the perceived offensiveness of racial slurs and racial humor and the functions each of these have in interracial interactions. For example, they may be used to disparage individuals belonging to other racial groups (typically in the form of majority group members disparaging minority group members). However, racial slurs and humor may have additional functions that both confront racial prejudice (such as the use the levity surrounding racial humor to be a less aggressive confrontation of prejudice than some other methods of direct confrontation), and allow individuals to cope with racial prejudice (such as the affiliative usage of racial slurs among groups they were once meant to target as a means of affiliation rather than derogation – slur reappropriation). The overarching goal of my research: to gain a theoretical understanding of when, how, and why antisocial behaviors are expressed despite societal norms that vilify them.

Recent Publications              

*Indicates undergraduate student author          

Saucier, D. A., Miller, S. S., Martens, A. L., O’Dea, C. J., & Jones, T. L. (In press). Individual differences explain regional differences in honor-related outcomes. Personality and Individual Differences.

Saucier, D. A., Webster, R. J., McManus, J. L., Sonnentag, T. L., O’Dea, C. J., & Strain, M. L.  (In press). Individual differences in masculine honor beliefs predict attitudes toward aggressive security measures, war, and peace. Peace and Conflict: Journal of Peace Psychology.

Saucier, D. A., Strain, M. L., Miller, S. S. O’Dea, C. J., & Till, D. F. (In press). “What do you call a Black guy who flies a plane?” Disparagement, confrontation, and failed subversion in the context of racial humor. Humor.

Saucier, D. A., O’Dea, C. J., & Stratmoen, E. (In press). Hard targets: Masculine honor beliefs and motivations for muscularity. Psychology of Men and Masculinity.

O’Dea, C. J., *Castro Bueno, A. M., & Saucier, D. A. (2017). Fight or flight: Perceptions of men who confront versus ignore threats to themselves and others. Personality and Individual Differences, 104, 345-351.

O’Dea, C. J., &Saucier, D. A. (2017). Negative emotions versus target descriptions: Examining perceptions of racial slurs as expressive or descriptive. Group Processes and Intergroup Relations, 20(6), 813-830.

Book Chapter Publications

Saucier, D. A., Miller, S. S., Martens, A. L., & O'Dea, C. J. (2017). Overt racism. In A. Blume & A. Czopp (Eds.) Social issues in living color: Challenges and solutions from the perspective of ethnic minority psychology. Praeger.

Saucier, D. A., Webster, R. J., O’Dea, C. J., & Miller, S. S. (2017). The role of individual differences in inciting anger and social action. In S. C. Cloninger & S. A. Leibo (Eds.) Angry groups and politics: How they change society, and how we can affect their behavior. Praeger.

Saucier, D. A., Hockett, J. M., O’Dea, C. J., & Miller, S. S. (2017). The racism justification hypothesis and attitudes toward hate crime legislation. In E. Dunbar (Ed.) From hatred to homicide: The psychology of hate crimes and domestic terrorism. Praeger.