The Harry Helson Award

The Harry Helson Award was established to honor the memory and contributions of the psychologist Harry Helson, a world recognized psychologist who was on the faculty at Kansas State University. Professor Helson is well know for the "adaptation level theory" which quantified the effects of context on human perception and judgement. The establishment of this award was initiated by Lloyd Avant (Ph.D. Kansas State University, 1966), a graduate student of Dr. Helson's, and the award has been generously supported by Henry Helson, Dr. Helson's son, who is retired from the Mathematics Department at the University of California Berkeley.

Each year a graduate student is selected on the basis of both scholarship and research excellence that best typifies the excellence achieved by Harry Helson. In addition to a monetary award, winners have their names engraved on a plaque that is on display in the main office of the Psychology Department.

Past recipients include:

  • J. Shawn Farris (2003)
  • Brian Friel (2003)
  • Kimberly Raddatz (2000)
  • Rickey Thomas (1999)
  • Douglas Peterson (1998)