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Department of Psychological Sciences

Health Emphasis Psychology Area of Emphasis

Kansas State University offers a Health Psychology Emphasis in all four of its Ph.D. programs. Students who choose this emphasis will become familiar with current issues within health psychology in general as well as topic specific issues related to her/his field of specialty. This exposure will involve attending health-related colloquiums and coursework. Students in this emphasis are required to take 16 hours of course work as outlined in the health emphasis curriculum.

Some of these credit hours may overlap with general degree requirements. Students are also required to conduct an independent health research project. During the initial stages of the project, the student will give an oral presentation of the proposed study to the department for feedback and guidance. Upon completion of the research, students are required to give a second oral presentation for the department as well as provide a written manuscript of the research suitable for journal submission. Conference presentations are encouraged as well.

This area of emphasis is particularly suited to students who wish to have a component of health within their research as well as have careers within health organizations. For further information about the Health Psychology Emphasis, please contact the director of the program Dr. Brenda McDaniel at bmcdani@ksu.edu or 785-532-0807.