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Department of Psychological Sciences

General Information

The Department of Psychological Sciences at Kansas State University provides educational and research opportunities at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. At the undergraduate level, the department provides introductory service courses for a large portion of the total undergraduate student population. Our undergraduate majors typically follow one of three tracks: some students plan ultimately to attend graduate school in psychology; other students desire an undergraduate program that will lead to a job specifically in a particular area (e.g., an entry level counseling or clinical position); while other students simply want to obtain a Bachelor's degree and enter the workforce. In each case, the curriculum in the Psychology major is purposely flexible to accommodate these paths.

The Department also has a strong graduate program consisting of four major areas of concentration: Industrial/Organizational, Social/Personality, Cognitive and Human Factors, and Animal Learning/Behavioral Neuroscience. In general, graduate students are accepted as potential Ph.D. candidates although the department does have a distance Master of Science (MS) in Psychology with an emphasis in Industrial and Organizational Psychology (MIOP) Program that is intended as a terminal degree. Our Ph.D. programs are first and foremost research-oriented curricula in general psychology that emphasize a broad grounding in the traditional subject matter and experimental methods of psychology.

Department of Psychological Sciences fact sheet (2013)