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Department of Psychological Sciences

Department Environment and Facilities

Housed in the upper two floors of Bluemont Hall (a modern facility that was originally occupied in 1981), the departmental facilities include over 120,000 square feet of floor space that includes:

  • classrooms
  • offices
  • a reading room
  • conference and seminar rooms
  • equipment storage facilities
  • photographic space
  • computer rooms
  • numerous research rooms
  • group testing rooms
  • complete animal research facilities
  • shop facilities
  • a variety of other specialized rooms and support spaces

There are currently 15 full-time faculty in the department. Additionally, there are two part-time faculty, and six Emeritus Professors. All of our faculty are engaged in an active research program, teach courses, advise undergraduate majors, and supervise graduate students. Our department is committed to providing a high quality education and continuing to contribute to the scientific knowledge in our field.