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Department of Psychological Sciences

Psychology Honor Roll of Giving 2009 - 2010

July 1, 2009 - June 30, 2010

$10,000 - $49,999

Under $100(continued)

Jerry and Jeanne Frieman

Kristi and Skyler Harper

James Shanteau

Richard Harris and Caprice Becker


Angela and Robert Hayes

$1,000 - $4,999

Charles and Michelle Hendrix

Mitchell and Deborah Brigell

Charles and Barbara A Baldwin Hermesch

Bruce and Jacque Buehler

William Hill

Henry and Ravenna Helson

Ryan and Brittney Hinds


Jericho Hockett

$500 - $999

Terrance and Allison Hoke

Candy Clendening

Keith and Lissa Hungate

Bill Deeds and Pamla Hoadley

Pete and Shelly Jafferis

Paul and Brenda Detrick

Dale and Earlene Jirik

John Hill

Elaine and Stephan Johannes

Kimberly Linin and James Devlin

Megan John

Paul and Noel Muchinsky

Gerald and Theresa Kaiser

Kenneth and Beth Sewell

Jane and Jason Kaufman

Catherine and Jason Way

Patrick and Diane Knight


Joy Knutson

$250 - $499

Adam Larson

Kyle and Gail Antenen

Annie Laury

Michael Heck and Peggy Stockdale

Chad and Stacy Leachner

Marilyn and Brian Horsch

Shawn and Jennifer Livengood

Mary and Joseph Lewis

Jerry Ludlow

John Riepl

Rajan Mahadevan


LaToya Malone

$100 - $249

William Martin

Milt and Alice Ahlerich

Jessica McManus

Debb and Jim Avery

Mark and Ruth McQuade

Ron Downey and Irene Ward

Rick and Debbie Meador

Lori and Paul Fisher

Gregory Monaco and Jeanne Tomiser

Kimberly and Rick Flott

Sarah Morehead

Charles and Sally Galvin

Muriel Morgan-Chism

Amy Gross

Brian Morris

Caroline and Grant Helmers

Anna Neises

Gene and Peggy Hoffman

Stephen Nettelhorst

Tara and Bryan Kauffman

Matthew Palmatier

Kimberly Kirkpatrick

Mike and Christine Pappas

Sandi McCoy Kramos and Gregory Kramos

Jisook Park

Brett and Carol Murray

Willis and Jill Poland

Ruth and Gene Purcell

Richard and Catherine Pringle

Cynthia and Terry Schmidt

Manpreet Rai

Dean and E Stackfleth

Steven Rogers

James Wright

James and Evelyn Sanford


Donald Saucier

Under $100

Rebeka and Frank Scalia

Bill and Diane Arnold

Kevin and Helen Schartz

Amber Axelton

Ben Schlorholtz

Ila Axton

Ray Sifdol

Patricia Barros and Iliano Gomez

Robert and Lisa Simmons

Amy Benson

Lori Sims-Krause and Richard Krause

Richard and Sally Berger

Jessica and Jon Smith

Laura Brannon

Tammy Sonnentag

Gary and Sandra Brase

Kyle Steppe

Roger and Maryem Brewer

Michael Stetzer

Kristin Bruno and George Barnes

Cecil Stout

Louis and Jean Buffardi

Megan Strain

Susan and Dan Burns

Wendy Strevey-Tien and Loren Tien

Mary Cain

Constance and Charles Striebinger

Bill and Mary Carpenter

Nebi and Hayriye Sumer

Beverly Cortiana

John and Julie Thatcher

Satoris Culbertson

Dian and Jan Tien

Megan Darbyshire

Diedrian Walker

James and Kimberly Daugherty

Randall and Susan Warner

Paul and Paula Degenhardt

Sylvester and Sara Washington

Joel Digirolamo

Russell Webster

Allen Eason and Brenda McDaniel

Melissa and Andy Wefald

Donna Ekart

William Weyhrauch

Katrina Ellis

Susan and Stephen White

Russ Ewy

Rhonda Wise and James Johnson

Barbara and John Fleener

Margo and Angela Woller-Carter

Pamela Foster

Katherine Young

Clive Fullagar and Dorothy Farrand

Kelli and Rex Zuel

Ana Garcia Aguirre


Margaret Gill

Corporate Gifts

Kelly and Pam Gindlesberger

Dow Corning Corporation

Louis Graber

Grainger Inc

John Grace

Hypergraphic Press Inc

Joe and Karen Grinstead

Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation

Robert and Patricia Hancock