More highlights

K-State 2025 Sustainability Planning Committee

Development of a strategic action plan addressing sustainability (August 2014)

K-State Master Plan

Review and update of the campus master plan (August 2013)

General Education Transition to K-State 8

Learn about K-State's new general education program

COACHE Faculty Job Satisfaction Survey (.pdf)

Final report. (September 2012)

Research Themes Report

Identifying Opportunities for Focused Research Expansion (August 2012)

Recruiting and Hiring Assessment and Next Steps

HLC Accreditation Visit

The HLC Accreditation visit took place from April 9-11, 2012.

Foresight 2020

Kansas Board of Regents Strategic Plan.

Research Infrastructure Task Force

The future of research at Kansas State University deserves serious discussion as we move forward with the K-State 2025 initiative. (June 2010)