1999 Spring Survey Data

Alcohol Consumption and Partying Behaviors

Most K-State students drink moderately, if at all!

  • KSU students consume an average of 4 drinks in a week
  • KSU students used alcohol an average of 4 days in the last month
  • KSU students average 5 drinks when they party
  • KSU students usually party an average of 4 hours
  • KSU students average about 1 drink per hour when partying
  • 16% of KSU students do not drink alcohol
  • 61% of KSU students have 0 to 5 drinks when they party

Protective Alcohol Use Behaviors

K-State students have the ability to help keep themselves and others safe and healthy when they drink alcohol!

  • 81% choose to hang out with friends they know and trust
  • 72% choose to drink in places they know they will be safe
  • 67% usually drink on a full stomach
  • 66% usually have a designated driver
  • 59% usually limit the amount of money they bring or spend on alcohol
  • 52% choose not to drink from a shared source

Non-Alcohol Fun

K-State students have fun without alcohol!

  • 92% of KSU students agree they can have fun without alcohol
  • 62% have gone to a party in the last thirty days that did not serve alcohol

Alcohol-Related Harm

The majority of K-State students do not experience harm due to their drinking!

  • 97% have not dropped a class and 98% have not failed a class because of their drinking
  • 84% have not received a lower grade in a course because of their drinking
  • 89% have not been in trouble with police and 98% have not been in trouble with school authorities because of their drinking
  • 86% have not gotten into a physical fight because of their drinking
  • 97% have not required medical attention as a result of their drinking
  • 86% did not have an unwanted sexual experience due to their drinking
  • 79% did not have sex with someone without using a condom due to their drinking
  • 81% have not damaged property due to their drinking


1999 Kansas State University Student Alcohol Survey


Number of KSU students surveyed = 1,297; average age 21; 52% women, 48% men; average 15 credit hour (per semester); mean GPA 3.09; 65% lived in apartment/house