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Mock Trial

Mock Trial offers an opportunity for aspiring attorneys and aspiring actors to form teams and prepare to try cases against other universities from across the country. Teams are made up of 6 or more students who take on the roles of both attorneys and witnesses in the trial. Teams argue both sides of the case (prosecution or plaintiff and defense) several times during each tournament, and the same case is used for the entire competitive season. A complex case is released by the American Mock Trial Association at the beginning of each academic year. Students get to design their own case theory and choose which witnesses to call and pieces of evidence to introduce.

Mock trial is a great activity for preparing students to think critically, communicate effectively, and work in a team. Law schools hold mock trial participation in high regard, and participants have a competitive edge once they start law school. Mock Trial is also a great activity for actors to enhance their improv skills and create their own character. Being a mock trial witness requires the willingness to learn and stretch your abilities. 


Meetings: Mon./Thurs. 7:30 Nichols Hall 301


Executive Board Officers:

Coach: Ben Long; longbenj@gmail.com

President: Jacob Kuckelman; jacobkuckelman@k-state.edu

Vice President: Ben Walberg; bwalberg15@k-state.edu

Secretary: Elyssa Kohler; emkohler@k-state.edu

Treasurer: Tom McClain; tpmcclain@k-state.edu

PR: Jillian Headrick; jkheadrick@k-state.edu