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Office of Pre-Law Advising

Tracey Lee, J.D.

photo of Tracey Lee, Pre-law AdvisorTracey Lee graduated summa cum laude from K-State in 2008 with a B.S. in Philosophy. She earned her law degree from the University of Texas in 2011, where she graduated with honors, served on the editorial board of the Texas Law Review, and participated in pro bono work on the Gulf Coast and in the Rio Grande Valley. Tracey practiced complex commercial litigation in Houston, Texas before returning to Manhattan, Kansas in 2014. Tracey served as chambers counsel to the Honorable Melissa Standridge on the Kansas Court of Appeals before accepting the position to coordinate the Office of Pre-Law Advising in August 2018. Tracey loves working with students to make sure they have all the tools they need to prepare for a successful legal career.                    

215 Fairchild Hall

About Pre-Law Advising

Pre-law advising is provided through the Office of Undergraduate Studies. Every semester a pre-law orientation is held before enrollment. In addition, students considering law school come to the pre-law office for advising during enrollment, beginning in the freshman year (or as soon as they identify an interest in law study).

The adviser meets with pre-law students in individual conferences each semester, and together they plan a curriculum that takes into account the unique strengths and interests of each individual. Students work closely with the adviser in selecting courses that will enable them to develop the competencies necessary for law study.

They also confer with the adviser individually to select the schools to which they wish to apply or to identify alternatives to a law career. In group meetings they plan application strategies, prepare for the Law School Admissions Test, and formulate goals for law school scholarships and financial aid.

The pre-law office is a resource center providing information about every accredited law program in the country. The office also sponsors group meetings that give supplemental information about preparing for a law career. Each semester, sessions are offered to help students prepare for the Law School Admissions Test. At Pre-law events and in other meetings students have an opportunity to talk with visiting representatives of law schools.

Prospective students are welcome to visit the pre-law office throughout the year.

Office of Pre-law Advising                          
215 Fairchild Hall
Kansas State University 
Manhattan, KS 66506