Admission Requirements for the KSU Veterinary Medicine College

Students are selected from qualified applicants after completion of the required 65 semester hours or pre-professional requirements. To be eligible for an interview, applicants must attain at least a 2.8 in the pre-professional requirements and in the last 45 hours of undergraduate college work. Any grade less than a C in a required course is not accepted. The Graduate Record Examination General Test must be taken by all applicants before application to the college.

Personal interviews are required of some applicants. Applicants are evaluated on motivation, maturity, communication skills, experience with and knowledge of animals and veterinary medicine, general knowledge, career awareness, goals, and leadership potential. To demonstrate to the admissions committee an understanding of the profession, all students interested in applying to the College of Veterinary Medicine are encouraged to have broad animal experience and to have related veterinary work experience.

Only those students who can complete the required 65 semester hours of pre-professional courses by the end of the spring term of the year in which they are seeking admission will be considered for admission to the professional curriculum.

Hours         Course

6                Expository Writing I and II

2                Public Speaking 1A

8                Chemistry I and II

5                General Organic Chemistry and lab

4                General Biochemistry

8                Physics I and II

4                Principles of Biology or Zoology

4                Microbiology and lab

3                Animal Genetics

12              Social sciences and/ or humanities

9                Electives


65 Hours Total