Constitution and By-laws

Article I:    Name and Purpose

Section 1.     This organization shall be known as PRAIJN.

Section 2.     The purpose of this organization shall be to provide a spiritual outlet for all students, especially multicultural students, faculty and staff. The word PRAIJN means Proclaiming Righteousness Always In Jesusí Name.


Article II:    Membership

Section 1.     Membership into PRAIJN is open to all students and faculty who seek a deeper relationship with God, understanding of the Holy Bible, or a place to pray, praise and worship.

Section 2.     There is no selection process concerning our membership.  PRAIJN is open to all students and faculty.


Article III:    Officers

Section 1.     The Officers of this organization consist of a President, Public Relations Chair, Prayer and Worship Team, Event Planner, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Section 2.     Each officer is selected by the officers already in office.  Each officer will serve a term of one year and may return to their position after that year upon agreement of the other officers.  Officers are selected according to visual spiritual growth, consistency in bible study attendance and actively participating in discussions and praise and worship.


Article IV:    Dues

Section 1.     This organization does not require dues at this time.  PRAIJN will accept any offerings (donations) given to us through individual people, church organizations, campus organizations, etc.


Article V:    Meetings

Section 1.     Regularly scheduled meetings will be held every first and third Mondays of each month at 7:00pm.

Section 2.     Procedures for calling meetings are through email, and reminder phone calls of upcoming meeting locations.  PRAIJN will also distribute monthly calendars on campus to inform students of meeting dates, times and locations.


Article VI:    Committees

Section 1.     PRAIJN has no committees at this time.


Article VII:    Amendments to the Constitution

Section 1.     The procedures for amendments in this organization are as follows:  The Executive Board meets to discuss any changes, upcoming dates of scheduled  events, and new events.  Changes will be made if two-thirds majority agree.


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