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Powercat Motorsports

Sponsor Information

With your help you will not only will you be supporting future engineers, but also an organization that promotes real-world engineering practices that require more than just theories and equations. In addition, the team is 501c(3) tax deductible, so every donation is a tax deductible. Several sponsorship levels provide increasing benefits. One of these is to have your logo proudly displayed on the car and visible at every race, competition and public relations event in which the team participates.


 Yearly Contribution Levels 










Company name on websiteXXXX
Invitation and recognition at rollout (unveiling of new car)XXXX
Invitations to racing events XXXX
Monthly newsletterXXXX
Photo of car and team XXXX
Company name on car ($200+)XXXX
Sponsor visit XXX
Logo of your business on website  XXX
2” x 3” company logo on car X  
5” x 5” company logo on car  X 
Company logo in a primary spot on car   X
At request, Powercat Motorsports will display the car for company events    X