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Archived Workshops

Click on the appropriate title to view previous workshop presentations archived on video.

Our peer financial counselors can provide any student group a financial presentation. Learn more.

Eating Healthy on a Budget - get powerpoint slides

A Powercat Financial sponsored workshop by Riley County Extension Agent Ginny Barnard to help students learn tips and trick on how to eat healthy on a budget.

Financial Independence - get powerpoint slides

Graduate students are invited to a workshop touching on home purchasing and loans, and health and auto insurance issues to assist them with their financial success.

Transitioning to Career: Employer Benefits - get powerpoint slides

A seminar for graduate students on the financial transition from college to work and understanding employer benefits.

Maximizing Your Benefits From Salt - no slides available

A workshop providing students an in-depth tutorial on how to utilize Salt, the free online resource for K-State students that can help with projecting future student loan monthly payments, learn about topics such as identity theft, search for scholarships, and more.

Student Loan Repayment - get powerpoint slides

A workshop providing students information about how to look up student loan information, different repayment plan options, consolidation, and loan forgiveness programs.

Financial Management - get powerpoint slides

A workshop providing students information, tips, and resources concerning financial management topics such as budgeting, saving, setting financial goals, credit, and employee benefits.

Marriage & Money - get powerpoint slides

A workshop providing students information on what to think about and how to go through the process of merging finances.