MPA Elective Courses

Elective Courses (9 credit hours) includes the following

Public Administration Electives
(6 credit hours): Two of the following six courses:

POLSC 607 Administrative Law
POLSC 610Local Government Law
POLSC 711Administrative Ethics
POLSC 736Pro-seminar: Strategic Management of Public Organizations
POLSC 740Nonprofit Financial Management
POLSC 799Pro-seminar: Executive Leadership Problems


Political Science Seminar Elective (3 credit hours): Depending upon their area of specialization, students may choose from several graduate seminars offered by the Department of Political Science. For example, students interested in public administration in federal, state, or local government in the United States may wish to take either the seminar in American Politics or Political Thought. Those desiring a career overseas, or with an international agency, may find it useful to enroll in either the seminar in International Politics or Comparative Politics. Specifically:

POLSC 805 Seminar in American Politics 
POLSC 811Seminar in International Politics
POLSC 821Seminar in Political Thought
POLSC 841Seminar in Comparative Politics