MPA Area of Emphasis

The Area of Specialization (6 credit hours): Each student must develop a particular specialization through additional course work which is often interdisciplinary in nature. Detailed below are several areas of specialization which we highly recommend to our students. Students wishing to propose other specializations may do so with the advice and consent of the Director of Graduate Studies.


Public Budgeting and Finance

MANGT 596  Business, Government & Society 
POLSC 610Local Government Law
ECON 633Public Finance
POLSC 739Intergovernmental Relations
POLSC 740Non-Profit Financial Management


Planning (Can be done in conjunction with the M.R.C.P. degree)

PLAN 720Infrastructure Plan Implementation
PLAN 730Planning Administration
PLAN 815Planning Theory, Ethics and Practice
POLSC 618Urban Politics


Security Studies

POLSC 812 Fundamentals of Security Studies 
POLSC 813International Security
POLSC 814Transnational Security


State and Local Government

POLSC 618  Urban Politics
POLSC 620State and Local Government
POLSC 739Intergovernmental Relations
POLSC 799Pro-Seminar: Executive Leadership Problems